Morrissey Central "People Are The Same Everywhere" (April 22, 2020)

Simon Coveney when he was Irish Minister for Agriculture, resumed the export of greyhounds to China and Pakistan because they come under the heading of "livestock". This was done knowing the barbaric end they would and still do meet after suffering cramped transport to these places. I saw a photo of a greyhound being weighed in a pulley in one of these markets before being sold to a restaurant, taken last week. The description of how they are tortured before they are even killed forces me to turn inward for solace , because the society I live in is complicit in this . What happens in China started here. I have neighbours who breed greyhounds for sale and for racing. I work with people who like a "night out at the dogs". I see the industry of greyhound racing which my taxes support 16.8 million euros in 2019, a quarter of a Billion since 2001.
Bastard Simon Coveney in his suit or a Chinese bastard with a blowtorch , they're identical to me, they're the underbelly of humanity without souls.
Covid 19 is Bullshit. THEY all carry on regardless while the sheeple stay indoors because Big Brother said so.
As the proles quiver in their holes, the state has seized a level of control that it never dreamt possible.

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