People are always asking why do we (Moz Fans) love him so much?


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I'm always getting asked by my coworkers and others who i attend school with, why does Morrissey have such a huge following?

When I attended his show on Nov. 9 at the Bren Events Center in Irvine, I asked this question to many of the fans there. What I loved most about the responses was that everyone had a different story. Everyone attending the show came from different backgrounds and had different life stories but we were reunited (especially after a nasty campaign) for our love for Morrissey and we enjoyed every moment of the show.

I grew up listening to The Smiths. My entire family and my grandparents are fans of Morrissey- so it was hard to escape his music. I grew up loving him and what made him even more incredible was how relatable his lyrics are.

I want to ask the same question to you all. What is your story? Why are you a Morrissey fan?
Thank you for participating! Love you all my fellow Moz fans <3
I might even write an article about this!
fans love morrissey peace
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