Peggy Take A Bow - Peggy Mount covered The Smiths

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"Peggy Take A Bow"
Released August 1st 2015 on Kagoul Records
Limited edition pink vinyl LP / 8 track cartridge

Kagoul Records is releasing a new compilation album by the late Peggy Mount, collecting together a recently discovered treasure trove of Smiths cover versions.
The hitherto unknown demos were recorded in the spring of 1989 In North Wales. Peggy teamed up with producers Stephen Street and Daley Thompson and worked through ten songs in just under a week with a stellar band. In true Peggy style she changed many of the lyrics and altered all of the song titles to her taste.

The sessions were conducted in total secrecy and details were only made public last October when a fan stumbled across the master quarter inch mix tapes at a car boot sale in Abergele. The tapes had been stored carefully in a plastic box and contained pages of notes by producer Thompson and several session photos taken by Peggy herself.

Speaking recently Thompson admitted "I knew it would only be a matter of time before these secret sessions would become public. Me and Streety were told never to release the tapes to a record label as Peg regarded them as "just a bit of fun on a wet Wednesday". We took them to the local skip but I guess someone rescued them. It's amazing, really. I know David Wilkie pestered me for years about this. Somehow he found out I had worked with Peg and being a staunch Pegophile he would never let the matter drop. At least this public release will stop his constant late night phone calls to me now, if there's any justice".


Side 1 :

A Shove And A Push And The Lard Is Ours
Peggy Take A Bow
Shopfitters Of The World, Untie
Half A Doughnut
The Bloke With His Foot In His Gob

Side 2 :
That Goat Isn't Funny Anymore
Barbara's Mum Begging At Homebase
Last Night I Dreamt That I Was Nicholas Parsons

Mount - The Voice
Johnny Ball - Guitars
Pat Coombs - Bass
Paul Shane - The Drums
Stephen Street - Keyboards, guitars & kazoo
Rod, Jane & Freddy - Backing vocals, acoustic guitars & handclaps
Bernard Bresslaw - Himself

Recorded at The Wool Shop, Denbigh
Produced by Daley Thompson
Engineered by Stephen Street
Assistant Engineer - Michela Strachan
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