Paul Sweeney

Does anyone have or know where I can find photos of him?

For those who aren't major Morrissey fans, he was one of Morrissey's PE teachers in high school and was immortalized in the book "Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance".

Apparently he was a very nasty, sadistic, cretinous Irish bloke who got his jollies giving boys 6 of the best for even the most minor infractions. He also eloped with another teacher Ann Judge who taught maths and then married her.

In today's world, he would not survive even half a day as a teacher. Corporal punishment and fraternizing in the workplace are two big no-nos.

I'm working on a creative project in which I want to use a pic of him. Won't give too much away at this stage.
I'm looking at using an image of Michael Cronin who played Geoff "Bullet" Baxter in Grange Hill as well as Paul Sweeney. Baxter was thought of as a bully by some, he was strict and tough but he was fair. I love that scene where he sees another PE teacher Mr. Hicks sitting on a young boy and pummeling him because he was mucking about in his class, he calls Hicks out of the room and then decks him one in the face knocking him over and then asks "Slipped on the wet floor?" At least Hicks didn't call him a "hhhhideous orang-utan" hahahahahaha! ;-)
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