Paul Smith autumn/winter 2013 collection takes inspiration from Morrissey

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    Focus | PS by Paul Smith Autumn/Winter 13 - Paul Smith

    In printed shirts, tailored jackets and neatly fitted knitwear, the autumn/winter 13 PS by Paul Smith collection takes inspiration from British musician Morrissey.

    Known for his sartorial prowess, Morrissey defines alternative rock style. During his time as frontman of The Smiths his wardrobe was a mixture of vintage shirts, retro knits and tailored jackets. In the PS by Paul Smith autumn/winter 13 collection, these elements are reworked to create a contemporary men's wardrobe.

    Tailoring takes inspiration from the 80s, with retro features such as wide, peak lapels and double breasting, updated with a contemporary fit and slim, flat-front trousers.

    The colour palette focuses on neutrals punctuated by rich highlights of bold colour. Slate grey is paired with purple and navy is enriched with chocolate brown. Deep red hues take the spotlight in a burgundy velvet jacket and damson spot print shirt.

    The collection also features broken checks, flecked silks and twisted yarns. Cotton-sateen shirts combine irregular collage-style and photocopied prints with elaborate retro foulard prints. Each print is named after an area associated with Morrissey, including key prints 'Salford Sky', a digitally printed stormy vista, and 'Albion Spot', a screen-printed miniature polka dot.

    Knitwear includes mixed-pattern Fair Isle and intarsia-striped crew necks in Merino wool and cashmere. Neon tipping, ribbed panels and saddle shoulders add subtly contrasting elements. For outerwear, the easy-fit hooded parka and double-breasted admiral's coat with leather detail evoke the fashions of 80s indie music stars.

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    1. Anonymous
      Yea, I'm sure Morrissey loves that black leather jacket. What utter bollocks.
    2. BrummieBoy
      As far as I know Morrissey does not live an Ethical Vegan lifestyle like Johnny Marr. He consumes Dairy, hence is complicit in animal torture and slaughter unless he gets all his milk from the Hare Krishna Ahimsa Milk or Liz Jone's Freedom Food outlets. I doubt it would last the flight to California. Perhaps there's such outlets in L.A now? There is in Arizona:

      Or he could set up his own venture:

      He really needs to clarify his relationship with Dairy. Dairy cows are slaughtered and their leather is used to make jackets, shoes and designer armchairs...So, your challenge is utter bollocks, or udder is the horror-porn footage in concert during "Meet is Murder". "Death is Dairy"..."Beef Is Biocide". I could update it in an hour but I wouldn't get sample clearance.


      ps: the line looks very good. Maybe Matalan will do something similar so the young eye-candy can dress up like it's 1985 once again! LOL!
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    3. BrummieBoy
      Hey, is Moz still waring woolly cardigans? Time to drop the Gucci crap and wear something that signifies something interesting:

      "At it’s core are the 500 rare breed sheep which have been rescued from slaughter and whose wool is used in our Collection. Our flock of Wensleydale and Shetland sheep comprise mainly of animals that would have been sent to slaughter for being – male, missing a pregnancy, being a little lame, being too small, being too old or having imperfections such as a black spot in a white fleece. We pay equal and better prices to save them. These sheep will live out their whole natural lives in our sheep sanctuary in North Yorkshire and their wool is used in our knitwear and wovens.
      We have shown our collections at London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, LA, Berlin, Paris and Milan. We won the prestigious RSPCA Good Business Award in 2008 and 2012. We have won the RE New Designer of the Year Award at the world’s first ethical fashion awards. We have had successful collaborations with Hobbs and Topshop and have been invited to show our collection in a catwalk show before the Queen. We have had extensive press coverage on BBC, ITV, Sky, TV and Radio as well as in national and international press."

      All those rappers are doing clothing lines. Time for Morrissey to give up trying to rewrite The Clash with is middle-age last gang in town bandmates and do something fresh like designing cruelty free clothing ranges to sell on the High Street. I'm sure he'd get backing, that's if he's able to actually do move on from his comfort zone. It would be a great way to sell any new musical stuff. Ain't gonna happen! He could have set up an alternate Vegan McD or KFC with Linda McCartney and opened franchises all around the world! Colonel Sanders started from nowhere. There's still time!
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    4. Playcat2000
      It's spelled "Meat", Brummieboy And not ALL dairy cows are slaughtered.
    5. Uncleskinny
      100% seriously, I did not know this. Do they collect them dead from the fields?

    6. Chip

      Marr is a bit of a hypocrite himself--he wears leather shoes. I forget what brand, but a few months ago an article came out where somebody asked for his fashion advice and the brand of his shoes he suggested were exclusively leather.

      Though I wouldn't judge him too harshly--it's hard to completely avoid leather. You buy a canvas bag and you realize there's a little tiny patch of leather stuck to it somewhere. Really annoys me because even when I ate meat I always tried to avoid leather.
    7. Anonymous
      No - they wait until the dairy cows reach retirement age, then when it's time for them to retire they go to the Big Happy Dairy Cow Retirement Home, where they live a life of pampered bliss until they finally die of natural causes.

      What they emphatically DO NOT do is put the dairy cows through an intensive regime of constantly getting them pregnant (so they will lactate), removing the babies as soon as possible to turn into hamburgers, keep the dairy cow going through the cycle of pregnancy and milking until their bodies can take it no more, then grind them up into hamburgers or pet food, stopping only to strip their hides, tan them, and sell them as 'Morrissey-inspired' fashion jackets.

      I mean, that would just be cruel, wouldn't it?
    8. Anonymous
      Morrissey is almost certainly NOT a full vegan (unless he changed very recently), as interviews are full of reports about him eating dairy. However, he also said in a recent interview last year : "It took me a long time to give up eggs, but I managed it", so it looks as he is at least trying to move into the right direction.

      Regarding leather though, for quite a few years he has been wearing pleather, rather than leather, and has praised Stella McCartney for making cruelty-free shoes, so I really doubt he'd want to be associated with someone selling a real leather jacket.
    9. Girlmostlikely
      It looks like an attractive line. I think it's cool that they name checked Morrissey as an inspiration and fashion icon. No, Moz wouldn't like the leather but it is no way suggested that he approves the line or has anything to do with it. I still think it's a cool nod.

      That burgundy shirt is hot and would look great on the man...I'd prefer navy or pink though ;)
    10. BrummieBoy
      Thank you for proof-reading. I've just had to sack The Secretary again. Would you like to join as an intern? I can train you up quickly if you're compliant and respect my authority.


      ps: Please explain these bovine nursing homes where ex-dairy cattle are placed to live out their days in peace. Who runs them? Or is this just the same magical thinking delusion that Morrissey has used to consume dairy and leather whilst pontificating about 'animal rights'? Do you mean the Hare Krishna Ahimsa cattle I referenced or Liz Jones's 'Freedom Food' company? Do you eat dairy?
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    11. BrummieBoy
      It's extremely challenging to live an ethical vegan lifestyle unless you have a lot of time and money. There's casein in my herbal Valerian sleeping pills! Morrissey and Marr both seem to have had ample resources to exemplify and promote a vegan lifestyle. It's all incremental, so even 'Meat Free Monday' is a step in the right direction towards minimal animal cruelty. It's just silly to watch Moz moaning about the cows that die to put milk on his cornflakes. Once they're dead for that reason, or for beefsteak, I guess using their leather to make shoes is no great issue for them. Compassion towards animals will hopefully continue to develop across the world. Gruesome slaughter-porn at pop concerts is unlikely to progress that given the sanctimonious deceit which appears to pervade its' usage.

      "We are the leading farm animal welfare charity. We believe factory farming is the biggest cause of animal cruelty on the planet."

      Dairy Fields are just factory farms without roofs with animals dosed to their eyeballs with hormones and antibiotics. Even the organic ones still get slaughtered once they stop yielding milk at an unnatural level. Then there's the issue of the calves who are killed for veal because they can't provide milk.
    12. Girlmostlikely
      It isn't easy to be truly vegan unless you have the money and time. I have often thought what probably holds Morrissey back from going completely vegan, is how hard it is to eat on the road. It may just be too hard when eating all of ones meals on the go. When Morrissey was in Lima, the press reported that he had made a special request for soy milk. He may be trying to make that difficult move to being vegan. I imagine he would like to, he undoubtedly knows the horrors of the dairy farms. As far as leather, Morrissey says he now abstains and wears fake leather shoes.
    13. Anonymous
      In some countries possibly, but in most countries in the Western World it's easy as piss. When you buy food, don't buy anything with dairy in it - there are aisles and aisles in your local supermarket full of vegetables, fruit, nuts, and other things that don't have milk/eggs/cheese in them. Fuck's sake - just eat beans on toast if you are too lazy to cook anything else - how on earth does that take time and money?
    14. Anonymous
      yes, they do.
    15. Anonymous
      If Moz can afford a flunky to put salt on his chips, or have a luxury brand of razor blades flown from Sheffield to LA overnight because he's run out, I'm sure he can afford to put a few cartons of soy milk on the tour bus. It can't be THAT hard for him to be vegan on the road, if he wanted to.
    16. celibate
      oh my Morrissey as a model or have a carreer switch as designer for clothes.

    17. BrummieBoy
      Or he could have a 'tour chef/catering manager' to ensure that food safety and fitness to perform gigs is prioritised over ad-hoc trips to luxury Italian eateries to be summarily poisoned. In Peru, he could have tried local Quinoa based dishes prepared to his criteria, rather than erzatz corporate luxury internnational tourist/business traveller crap. When in Rome, pasta, when in Lima..."keenwah" He could have taken his Alma Matters ass to El AlmaZen, for instance:

      Honestly, this isn't rocket science. Doesn't the salt-grindr flunkey know how to research restaurants prior to a tour? Did the local promoters recommend places like El AlmaZen only to be ignored by Moz/minders who wanted pizza, chips and pasta? Will the mystery of this unintentionally hilarious event ever be solved?

      These Paul Smith clothes are cool. So is Gucci. But not as cool as Matalan: it's not just the clothes, it's the body within that matters. It would be great to see the youth escape from their acryllic sports outfit/uniform.
    18. Anonymous
      I think the brand is Clark out of England, but I'm not sure. It was definitely a brand that is all leather because I remember being a bit surprised when I read that comment. I know it's hard to avoid leather, but it isn't impossible; there are more and more brands of shoes and accessories available, especially now that you can order from anywhere in the world via the internet. Cars are more difficult because of the leather trim; it took me a year to find one that had no leather. If you really want to be vegan, it isn't as difficult as everyone thinks. It requires reading every label and not dining out unless you are certain that the restaurant understands the concept. Not criticizing anyone, just saying.


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