Paul Mccartney/Wings ouvre overview

What's the best Post-Beatle Macca album?

  • Wildlife

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  • Venus and mars

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  • London town

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  • Back to the egg

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  • McCartney2

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  • Tug of war

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  • Driving rain

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  • Memory almost full

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I think the first Macca solo album i got was well it was either Ram,Band on the run,Mccartney or Wildlife.
I remember owning Ram but i must have been buying too many 2nd hand albums and didn't listen to it properly. About 3 years ago I heard the song Backseat of my car on a radio 2 show, in the uk, called the critical list and couldn't belive i'd not played it more. Now, of course i'm besotted with it. The sillyness of Smile away and monkberry moon delight, the charm of heart of the country, the popiness of too many people and the 2 part mini-epic Unlce albert/admiral halsey which had a sublime opening section which beautifuly creates a sense of a lazy day pottering about the house and the toe-tapping singalong irresistable 2nd part. Not to mention the exquisite Ram on which is very touching. I also like the idea that back seat of my car is a dig at lennons preposterous peace thing. It gives the album a great uplifting faux-triamphalism. The range of musicality and instrumentaion is engrossing and the vocals are as sweet can be or as racaous as raucous can be. Overall a treat for the ears.
Band on the run was more immediately great. I still think it's a better quality album artistically than any other Macca album. The title track is a masterpeice. Jet and mrs. vanserbuit are pure joys. Bluebird and mamunia are chariming tunes with equally charming lyrics. Let me roll it is a slow rocking pastiche of John Lennon's style. Picasso's last words is another fine tune with an inovative structure and the album has a great finale with 1985, although i think we could have done without the grunting.
I got Red rose speedway and Wild life early on and was dissapointed with both. I've been back to them recently and found RRS to still be a poor album with only a couple of redimeening songs whereas I've found Wild life to be a lot more interesting. Mumbo is a great rockin' load of nonsence, SOme people never know is fine but doesn't really grab me that much, Dear friend is poignant but not quite strong enough to work as a work of art. The highlights are the title track which is an ominous cry on behalf of nature and Tomorrow which is a real gem esp. Pauls sweet vocal.
McCartney passed me by apart from Maybe i'm amazed and Every night which are both as good as anything Paul, or anybody else for that matter has ever written. The junks are pretty special too. But the rest is filler really...Decent enough but that's all.
Venus and mars was another i didn't give enough time to but now i think it's very enjoyable. Same with London town. esp. the charming and whacky title track which conjours up a fine sentiment that i think is what makes for the very best in art of any form. Morse moose and the grey goose is another fav. and would probably be more appreciated if it didn't have such a daft title.
Tug of war i remember playing a lot but now i'd only listen to half of the tracks in spare moments or as part of a home made compilation for the car.
Mccartney 2 i loved and would recomend to anyone who's got an appreciation for musical experimentation.
Back to the egg i only played a few times and remembered Old Siam sir as being the only good song on it but now i think it's a good album in general and well worth getting.
I remember trying to get into Pipes of peace and failing...THis i now know is because it's crap. Yes say say say a good song and the title tracks a good tune but this is unquestionably the most irredimable album Pauls made. The only irredimable one infact.
Press to play i remember trying to get into and didn't but hearing it now i like a lot of the stuff on it esp. Pretty little head which is a kind of arty peice that distinguishes it from the standard fare it's lumped in with.
Flowers in the dirt was the first album to come out while i was a Beatle fan and i rember being suspicous of the hype. Rightly so i still think. It's got some good tunes on it but is generally overrated in my opinion. The first single my brave face is a good tune but the lyrics are just tripe, distractions seems a beatiful thing but it's too fine to be engaging, Put it there just isn't for this cynic. My favs. are Rough ride, figure of eight and this one which are minor pop-rock gems.
I've only got to know Off the ground through y'tube and think it's got some nice poppy stuff on it and a minor classic in C'mon people. Golden earth girl gets an honorouable mention for it's artiness and lyrical experimentlness which if very enchanting.
Flaming pie is a fine album with the stand out's being the fun title track and the rockin' world tonight. The highlight though is the romantic beatiful night which is adorned with a coda, something Macca has been superb at in the past.
Driving rain is a bit of a fav. of mine. It's got consistently good song with some lovely moments and in the title track one of Maccas best poppy songs since the Beatles. The other two special songs are the eerie She's given up talking and the epic drama of Rinse the raindrops. Both of which give the lie to what some people call Maccas 30 yrs. long off day!!!
Chaos and creation seems popular among hardcore Macca fans but i find it pretty tuneless apart from Riding to vanity to fair and english tea.
Memory almost full is a great nearly great record. Highlights for me are Mr. Bellamy and see you're sunshine which is a treat. The 2 opening tracks were both singles and imo are both lousey!
The Fireman album Electric Arguements is messy and too full of itself. IMO, of course!
Did anyone read all that?
I voted Chaos And Creation but I like Memory Almost Full and Band On The Run too, oh yeah and Ram is good. It's hard to pick a favourite because I sometimes I change my mind.
So apart from the banned person, I'm the only one that likes Paul McCartney/Wings?

There are a lot of albums missing from this list: Red Rose Speedway, Wings at the Speed of Sound, Press to Play, Pipes of Peace, etc. I haven't bought anything of his since Unplugged (except Run Devil Run), and it sounds like I haven't missed much.
Different versions of some songs. The 1980 Rarities album (US version only) had the mono versions of "Don't Pass Me By" and, IIRC, "Piggies", and the sound effects and instrumentation were a bit different. It's been years since I was up on all of the details.

I'd give my left nut if someone discovered a 24-track version of "Tomorrow Never Knows" and mixed it for surround sound.


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So apart from the banned person, I'm the only one that likes Paul McCartney/Wings?
[raises hand] I enjoy the music of Wings, I shan't deny it. They were, to quote Alan Partridge, the band the Beatles could have been.

(not really, but I do enjoy the Wingspan collection, as well as some songs from the underrated Back to the Egg and London Town)
[raises hand] I enjoy the music of Wings, I shan't deny it. They were, to quote Alan Partridge, the band the Beatles could have been.

(not really, but I do enjoy the Wingspan collection, as well as some songs from the underrated Back to the Egg and London Town)
Yes! I'd also say that every Macca album has some very underrated songs.

McCartney: "Every Day", "Oo You"
Ram: "Dear Boy"
Wild Life: "Tomorrow"
Red Rose Speedway: "Single Pigeon"
Band on the Run: "Let Me Roll It", "Picasso's Last Words"
Venus and Mars: "Love in Song", "Letting Go"
Wings at the Speed of Sound: "Wino Junko" (actually, whole album is good except for "Cook of the House")

Plus some wonderful b-sides:
"Oh Woman, Oh Why" (from "Another Day")
"Little Woman Love" (from "Mary Had a Little Lamb")
"The Mess" (from "My Love")
"Daytime Nighttime Suffering" (from "Goodnight Tonight")

That reminds me--I never did find a copy of the "Mull of Kintyre" single.


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Mull of Kintyre, oh mist rolling in from the sea...

Yeah, that's a good 'un. My personal lost gem is "Arrow Through Me" - it was a sizable radio hit in the U.S. back in the day, but since seems to be forgotten. Ditto "Getting Closer".


Reckless Endangerment
"Off the Ground" was a good album but its not listed :(

And I only liked the first half of Chaos and Creation. I can't imagine McCartney will be putting out anything decent in the remainder of his time on earth. :squiffy:


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Oui. Getting Closer and Arrow Through Me were both released as singles in 1979 and went to #20 and #29 on the U.S. singles chart, respectively.

Complete solo discog here:
Well, I'll be. My Beatles/solo collecting days were long, long ago in the dinosaur age. I remember compiling discographies on my Apple ][c in 1985. :o

According to that Wikipedia summary, McCartney also released an album under the pseudonym Percy "Thrills" Thrillington in 1977. Anybody here heard it?
No, but it's available on CD now, IIRC. It's an instrumental version of Ram, ain't it?

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