Paul Joseph Watson tweets "I'm one step closer to interviewing Morrissey"

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By javert on Jul 7, 2018 at 5:04 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by javert, Jul 7, 2018.

    1. Anonymous
      Is Owen Shroyer the guy who runs 'InfoWars'?

      The American guy Alex Jones is who most people of heard of because he presents a lot of the shows. It says on the 'InfoWars' Wikipedia page that the owner is Alex Jones:

      I'm really not sure about Alex Jones because he seems like he is what truthers call controlled opposition.

      Paul Joseph Watson is from Sheffield, England. I think that he is a fan of The Smiths and Johnny Marr and Morrissey.

      I haven't ever heard Morrissey talk about the New World Order, chemtrails, secret societies like the Illuminati and Freemasonry. I don't think Morrissey has any interest in David Icke, conspiracy theories, the truth movement or that sort of thing. I believe that David Icke is also controlled opposition.

      I have been crying about this. I have been finding all this quite tough. I know that Morrissey is a good person and he is very intelligent. I want him to feel that the fans still love him in Britain and Europe.
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    2. Anonymous
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    3. vegan.cro spirit# 342
      vegan.cro spirit# 342
      In a few minutes, Halloway will chime in with similar experiences.:rolleyes:
      Coincidence? Or Sock Puppetry?
      Something about Gary Numan of all people. Suddenly the arrival of grooming gangs has
      brought peace and quiet to the streets of London.:crazy:
    4. vegan.cro spirit# 342
      vegan.cro spirit# 342
      Gary Numan WTF? So there is no need to worry about Grooming gangs, just as fing Gary Numan?:crazy:
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    5. Anonymous
      Paul Joseph Watson is about as close to interviewing Morrissey as my long-deceased grandmother. And I happen to know that for a fact.
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    6. g23
      You forgot to call them "L'il shooter." You're slipping.
    7. gordyboy9
      he said hes one step closer,for all we know there could be ten steps before you actually get to interview M.
    8. URBANUS
      Shroyer is sometimes his sidekicks when there's been some major news or event but Shroyer has his own show. Infowars is far more than just Jones.
    9. URBANUS
      There always seems to disappear a letter or two in my posts or as in this case one was added.
      Infowars are made up of a lot of people and they sell really great products if you wanna stay healthy and in shape.
    10. Anonymous
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    11. scatterkeir
      FACT: Brain Force Plus is full of soy.
    12. Tommy Robinson's Quiff
      Tommy Robinson's Quiff
      Is it really? :eek::eek:
    13. Anonymous
      lol really hope this doesn't happen.
    14. Anonymous
      I´d love to watch such an interview... :thumb:

      incl. Morrissey footage

      Morrissey/Marr mentioned
    15. Anonymous
      I just ordered that new Moz compilation but I wish it had that Ramones cover, ‘The KKK Took Morrissey Away.’
    16. vegan.cro spirit# 287
      vegan.cro spirit# 287
      The inbred Muslims may take Skinny and Chezz away but NOT MOZ:rock:
      Learn to live with it.:thumb:
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    17. URBANUS
      We say thank you to Paul Joseph Stalin for his only contribution in life and wish him a speedy recovery.
    18. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Fuck off.
    19. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Vile? In what sense? In that he talks a lot of common sense?
    20. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      The main difference would be Watson's pro Trump stance.

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