Paul Joseph Watson tweets "I'm one step closer to interviewing Morrissey"

Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by javert, Jul 7, 2018.

By javert on Jul 7, 2018 at 5:04 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by javert, Jul 7, 2018.

    1. Anonymous
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    2. Anonymous
      They shouldn't even be breeding in an overpopulated world let alone inbreeding. Yuck! #AntiNatalism #Overpopulation

      I would like to interview Morrissey, but I can't think of any questions because I know him well. Pretty much everyone who interviews him doesn't know him well.


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    3. reelfountain
      The interview will never happen. And also, Moz is completely sane and rational.
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    4. Anonymous
      He's conceited enough to do this.

      All of this from the "we're not about politics, we're about music" camp.

      You know people get old, and they act ignorant about certain subjects, but Morrissey always held himself up as a special snow-flake removed from the paranoid delusions of the ordinary boys.

      Now he's just an old fart, living out of a trailer, lamenting the death of a local eatery.

      It's all so undignified.
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    5. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      So Morrissey is being criticised for an interview that hasn't actually happened? I'm not sure why this is even news...
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    6. Shyness 1s nice
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    7. Anonymous
      They say once you're in hole, stop digging. To be honest, though, once it gets to a certain depth you may as well carry on.
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    8. evennow
      Moz and Mr. Jones
      They got a thing goin'on
      They both know that it's wrong
      But it's much too strong
      To let it go now


      Billy Paul
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    9. vegan.cro spirit# 834
      vegan.cro spirit# 834

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    10. Anonymous
      You ain’t no Casanova for sure :dancer:
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    11. Anonymous
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    12. Sheila Smith
      Sheila Smith
      Morrissey talks only to intelligent people!!
    13. g23
      Watch out, your other account is showing.
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    14. g23
      He'd better watch out, he may dig all the way to sub-species. ;)
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    15. URBANUS
      I am one step closer to nuffink at all.
    16. URBANUS
      If your therapy works and you can stay away from here then by all means give me his or hers details.
      Could only ever be a partial alliance. PJW is an outspoken critic of vegans and “soy boys.”
    18. CamelToedYaSo

    19. Anonymous
      Did you friend him on InfoWars?
    20. URBANUS
      I love Infowars and espcially that jew Owen Shroyer.

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