Paul Joseph Watson mentions Morrissey in new video

Around the 11:00 mark.

I know american food standards are non existant but swedish ice cream usually comes with a removable plastic protection under the actual lid that you have to remove before being able to scoop it out.

Little do people know that most things that contain food or milk and so on are swedish inventions. But apparently the seal of products like ice cream is not needed in USA which is weird with more people living there and therefor statistically have way more criminals than anywhere else in the world.

The sale of Ben & Jerry nosedived when they went political and nationalists boycotted it. Nowadays the Ben & Jerry freezer in swedish stores is so lonely and isolated it needs counseling.
He's a genius and needs his own tv show. One of few on this planet with real wisdom.
Proud that he is from Sheffield cause Eskilstuna is "The Sheffield of Sweden" as The Guardian put it.
This is so great we should invent a new Nobel prize category.

PJW is in fact a online brain cleanser when fake news media has tried to turn your brain into a raisin.
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