Paul Banks (Interpol) on touring with Morrissey; clarification on Hot Press quote

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thewlis, Jul 1, 2019.

By Thewlis on Jul 1, 2019 at 11:36 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thewlis, Jul 1, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Lol. Which one of you assholes bothered to create a twitter account called MorrisseyHatesRacism? The fucking irony!
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    2. Anonymous
      must been the vegan ketamine kebap
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    3. Uncleskinny
      Tour cancellation in 10..9..8...
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    4. Anonymous
      Will be very lol to see who he blames when he cancels the tour. The obvious reason will be the abysmal / hilarious ticket sales.

      Let’s start guessing who he’ll blame...

      I’ll go first: Stormzy
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    5. Radis Noir
      Radis Noir
      I'll go with 'The Guardian.'
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    6. Anonymous
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    7. NealCassidy
      Presumably this is ‘the end’. Again
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    8. Anonymous
      The trouble is, the follow on question is, what beliefs or actions would make you not work with another artist or is money the ONLY deciding factor?

      I mean would he work with someone who thought jews should be gased? Would he work with a pedophile? Would he work with the KKK?

      What about Morrisseys Jewish manager, when is his belief system going to stop him working with morrissey. They can't blame the guardian when the interviews are with his nephew or there are videos posted from proper extreme right wing groups, beyond For Britain.

      I think Moz may well get dropped by label and tour.

      And you can blame Moz and his yes men sam, James, his manager and Fiona the enablers
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    9. Anonymous
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    10. Anonymous
      Of course, he’ll blame immigrants. Well, Muslims specifically, thinly veiled under “immigration.”
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    11. Anonymous
      Im not sure what morrissey feels he will gain by continuing doing these kind of interviews and posting these bloggers. I do think he will not be treated fairly in any main stream publication but he makes these suggestive comments which are not overtly harmful in context. Unfortunately too many people are happy to take them out of context and run with them.
      There is no real debate on immigration as everyone is afraid to touch it because of the lefts super PC stance. Unfortunately that leaves the for Britain and Ukip types and Noone rational in between. I feel he is genuinely trying to discuss what is an actual problem but he will not be heard by the left and will be used by them and the right, for their own ends.
      I really do feel he has had his say and there is no use in labouring the point anymore.
      I dont know where he goes from here but he needs to drop it and move on to something more creative than politics.
      I have no problem with anything he has said but I know he has been making his points about free speech for example, by wearing a For Britain badge when he is not a member of the party as he said in that kipper interview.
      As I say I think he needs to back away from the interviews, people pick them apart in the same way they did with his celibacy when he was younger. It becomes the only topic the media will allow him to be known for and media nowadays is everywhere instantly.
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    12. SuedeMoz
      Hmmm, so if Interpol pulls out of the tour... will Morrissey continue on? Thoughts?
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    13. Anonymous
      He may, in reduced venues. We all know he's been run out of the uk.
      But the issue is now beyond that.
      His covers lp is his worst selling lp. He's gigs aren't that big even on the west coast.
      I mean I think the gig in ventura was 1500

      Hes problem is who he surrounds himself with there has been ongoing issues for 10 years now.

      If you post stuff from actual real right wing grounds and post what he posted his weekend. He's fucked.

      Not sure why he even posts James Baldwin. He obviously isn't on the same wave length
    14. Anonymous
      Really man, if I were running James Baldwin's estate, I'd make him take that down.
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    15. ACTON
      He's like the killer in Mr.Mercedes. Living in the basement surrounded by voice activated computers, thinking he can see through other people's eyes and control them. I bet Stephen King could wring out a good novella about a Moz site moderator who hates Moz. Trouble is nobody would believe it.
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    16. The tormentor
      The tormentor
      Some real pieces of work on this site..... All want to see something that won't happen.... He will endure. US the kinda sick glee that he thinks "it's over" along with a few others displays an unseemly kinda excited reaction... It's not, Moz is not right wing or racist .....and even if he did (or as the majority of our wee island do these days ... Lean right) in what world does that stop an artist from being? .... Left wing parties like the unions are f'd these days ... Is there a left wing party that could make it to power ? No. Yet the sway that not voicing a left wing or right on stance attracts from certain parts of the media is incredible. How many artists have used drugs ... Where does such money go ? For those who take hard drugs, ordinary people without the means to acquire the "nicely" what does drug use do .. crime and misery not glamour is the reality.. How many artists especially of a certain vintage have used groupies ? How many have used tax avoidance schemes ? Very few whiter than white .... Who is without flaws and contradiction ??? Ultimately... It's Ur intent and how u live Ur life and treat others that's the main point .... I don't think M has failed there. But by all means go for him and ignore concentration camps for Muslims in China or other real life horrors that are actually happening ....
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    17. Anonymous
      I think it's probably due more to the fact that Baldwin was gay, rather than anything to do with his skin colour.
    18. Life_Is_A_Pigsty
      That's right, nothing to do with skin colour if it's favourable, and everything to do with skin colour if it isn't favourable!
    19. marred
      Thinly veiled muslims? That's a good one!
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