Pat Reid's Book - Morrissey



Well, it dropped through the letter-box this morning, and seeing as I was off work with a very painful tooth abcess, I settled down to read it.

First off, it's a short book, more of a long essay at just over 90 pages (£8.99?). Secondly, it contains nothing that a fan wouldn't already know apart from a couple of amusing incidents regarding Andy Rourke (Heather interviewed - Andy E.I - go and read it!!). Thirdly the style is, in my opinion, all over the place - there is no cohesion or timeline, and the most annoying thing for me was the reliance on footnotes - almost every page, causing the reader to jump out of the already creaking narrative more often than strictly necessary.

Anyway, that apart, A couple of hours passed by to take my mind off the pain. Morrissey-Solo is mentioned a few times, and Pat Reid has the bravery to mention what the NME thought of one of his previous bits of work on Morrissey "..tediously written dung...". I wouldn't go that far in describing this book; it's enjoyable enough, but for the majority of you it's not telling you anything you don't already know.



Funnily enough, this afternoon I discovered a new book shop in town & happened to come across said book. Your review is spot on. I thought it was supposed to delve into his "sexual past", yet that Jake bloke only seems to get a few sentences...

I didn't buy it, coz it seemed to contain nowt new at all - wouldn't mind hearing the Andy Rourke stories though if you can be arsed?
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