Pat Nevin on meeting Morrissey

It's two minutes thirty in. My football hero meets "himself". I've heard this story a few times, but I hadn't heard the piano bit before.

Alan also writes:

London's Under the Bridge music venue recently conducted an interview with former international footballer Pat Nevin. At the 2:32 mark Pat reminisces about the time him and Vini Reilly gathered at Morrissey's house. Worth the watch.
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Blood buloks, this boke is lying! What language is this guy speaking? I can't understand a thing he is saying.

Well, there hasn't been a Kickball/Morrissey reference on this board for awhile by a Brit/Euro or Terrorist, so I guess it is due.

Aaaah, the Kill Uncle Tour ball falling from the sky poster that every Brit/Euro had in their room. Well, can't say he doesn't have a good marketing team.

His nasal voice doesn't help as I personally cannot stand that at all. He never won a thing in his career and those types of players are always the worst as they have to criticise those that did out of pure envy.


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Thanks for sharing your story Joe Frady, also Drew a Slallow,.

Wonderfull that you can talk with this guy with this nothern/scottish accent, as from a non english country,
yes I know that 'pub/street english is way differnt than class english

Anyway great story from Pat, thanks for sharing

Tour coundown is starting

'and they say he's mentall' ... odd that the other story mentioned that Morrissey had a little keyboard and claimed to do rough demoos, and in His house Pat and Viny saw a piano...


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His thick brogue forced me to pay attention to each word, in a good way -- he's a great storyteller.


I can't be the only one expecting the reveal about the secret room to be "and then we opened the door....and Morrissey had his own personal cheese production line!"

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... He said the house, in Bowden, near Altrincham, was an awesome 3 storey turreted affair, perfectly appointed and decorated, and dripping with handsomeness. He was really blown away by this pile ~ kept referring back to it!

That'll be Morrissey's old house, Beech Mount, on Bowdon Road in Altrincham, as seen on Google Maps:

He hasn't lived there for twenty years or so, of course. The house was used to film an episode of Sherlock Holmes starring Jeremy Brett.

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