Paste Magazine - Meat Is Murder - 30 years later

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By Uncleskinny on Feb 12, 2015 at 3:59 PM
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    1. bhops
      This is a really nice review except.........................he forget to discuss the greatest song The Smiths ever recorded, 'Well I Wonder.'

    2. Mauricey
      Disastrous cover illo.
    3. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      This guy doesn't know what he is talking about. Careless Whisper was not a Wham! song. It was a George Michael solo song. Big difference.
    4. bhops
      It was co-written by Andrew Ridgeley though which is where he may have gotten confused.
    5. celibate
      even Dutch TV mentioned it shortly, in the succesfull talk show and best payed tv host in my Country Matthijs van Nieuwkerk
      in his programme past Wednesday He mentioned the fact about 30 year release of Meat is Murder, it lasted about 4 minutes and a bit more sec.
      [lmost of it was parts of the Smiths, all well known] he stated Johnny Marr was 19 and it was 13 weeks nmbr 1[I beg to differ, but maybe he
      wanted to tell that Johnny was 19 when The Smiths came together] also about Morrissey's being a [dunno the right word] but sort millitant vegan.

      if your curious it maybe you can see it if you can look at 'on demand or missed programmes'] it's called
      'de wereld draait door'

      'and they say he's mentall' too...
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    6. Stephen
      I actually really like this front cover.
    7. Anonymous
      No difference at all. Andrew Ridgeley didn't really have any creative input into Wham! Careless Whisper was released in the US as a Wham! song.
    8. 9 x Fined
      9 x Fined
      Shame on them for not sharing your opinion.
    9. CrystalGeezer
      Me too.

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