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Yes I've decided the put the site back up because I still get pestered about it many times every week :). However, I won't be involved with it anymore except as a general coordinator of a team of editors in charge of various subsections. The job is too much for just one person. I've already found Aly who will be taking care of the discographies, the collectors appendices and printed media. She's one of the biggest Smiths/Morrissey collectors out there and has knowledge of web programming, so she's the perfect person for the job. I trust she will do a great job with minimal involvement on my part. Collectors will be happy to learn that, thanks to her, the appendices will now be VERY illustrated.

I am looking for other people to be in charge of other subsections of the website. If I can't find anyone good enough, I'll just add a pop-up warning on subsections not updated since April 2012. I am particularly looking for people who can take care of
-concert descriptions (put together from concert reviews, bootlegs and youtube footage)


Stephane - there's some stuff on the way to you from Alan (@vivahate72 on Twitter) that might be useful.



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I was not aware that Aly was a she until now....
Cheers Moz


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This is great news. Thanks a lot to you Stephane for bringing the site back and to Aly for taking on some of the work.



"This domain has expired. If you owned this domain, contact your domain registration service provider for further assistance. If you need help identifying your provider"

Bad news.:tears:

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