Passions Just Like Mine RIP

Discussion in 'Collectors Corner archive (read-only)' started by CrystalGeezer, Apr 11, 2012.

By CrystalGeezer on Apr 11, 2012 at 2:59 PM
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Discussion in 'Collectors Corner archive (read-only)' started by CrystalGeezer, Apr 11, 2012.

    1. lindsey1151
      Re: quit!

    2. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Re: quit!

    3. JennieMisanthrope
      Re: quit!

      Maybe Stephane just couldn't keep the sight up? It's too bad, such a wealth of information. I wonder if it is the case that he doesn't have the time/funds, or whatever, if he would consider transferring it. (I don't even know if that is possible!)
    4. beau
      Passions Just Like Mine RIP

    5. Skylarker
      Re: quit!

      That certainly is odd.
    6. CrystalGeezer
      Re: quit!

      Why is this news moved to the Collectors Corner? :squiffy: I went there for reliable lyrics.
    7. Skylarker
      Re: quit!

      Yeah this move makes absolutely no sense. I smell Kewpie.
      Re: quit!

      That's sad. You can still access the information if you click the 'cache' button on Google, but the images don't show up, just the text
    9. davidt
      Re: quit!

      I moved it here. It could be located in a number of places but since the site was known as the collector's bible I thought it would be more appropriate here.
    10. Anonymous Bosch
      Anonymous Bosch
    11. Jamie
      Re: Passions Just Like Mine RIP

      Saddened to read this - what a true loss for the Morrissey-following internet community. I've enjoyed the site since nearly the beginning and appreciated all the time, effort, and taste Stephane brought to it as the site evolved. He has always been top notch in any of my interactions with him. I wish him the best and hope there were no sad circumstances that brought him to his decision.

      Cheers, Stephane - thanks so much.

    12. 9timesfined
      Re: Passions Just Like Mine RIP

      A very Sad Day ...........
    13. Giselle
      Re: Passions Just Like Mine RIP

      Noooo!!:tears: That was such a great resource. I loved how it had movie and literature references organized so meticulously. A real loss. :(
    14. maynardmorrissey
    15. Skylarker
      Re: quit!

      Oh. I don't agree, but whatevs.

      At any rate I hope Stephane's OK. Seems strange to just randomly kill the greatest Moz information source ever to exist.
    16. Death Disco
      Death Disco
      Re: quit!

      What a strange thing to do. Has he lost interest in Morrissey? Has he better things to do? Does he not want us to be able to access the information for some reason? Was he feeling under-appreciated and this is his way of getting some attention? Could the site not handle the traffic of all the people Kewpie incessantly sent there and told to bookmark it? If he's fed up, why not just leave the site there but not update it anymore? So many questions... and I'm not bothered about any of the answers. I never used the site.

      He's a nice guy, but that message on the homepage just rubs me the wrong way. Something attention seeking about it.

      Anyway, I'm off back to bed.

      Death Disco. 1985-present. Goodnight. Thank you.
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    17. Anonymous
      Re: quit!

      I don't agree about the attention-seeking theory but I get where you're coming from. Still, many's the time he could have chimed in here and answered innumerable anal questions and be seen as a know it all; instead he often kept quiet and when he did speak he was succinct and reserved so I doubt he's a publicity seeker.

      More likely it's a cost of maintenance issue for the site, or else something personal causing him to re-prioritize his efforts.

      At any rate he had a great run.
    18. jeff992
      Re: quit!

      Wow, I'm in shock. This was the greatest website ever having to do with a musical artist. I used it practically every day for one reason or another. I'd even tell non-Morrissey music fans to look at it just because of how amazing it was. I hope he brings it back. The details on there to help with collecting were so valuable.
    19. mr.m
      Re: Passions Just Like Mine RIP

      NOooooooooooooo I'm genuinely saddened by this news

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