Paso Robles officially cancelled according to email from Ticketmaster


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It seemed like an odd venue choice from the beginning. I feel for the fans that showed up - but not at all surprised that it's officially canceled.
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God, they really need to get that heater fixed.

(It's not the heater, it's the underwhelming ticket sales)

EDIT: Call me a troll, call me a turd, just don't call me late for breakfast. Girl, you know it's true.
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Was anyone holding out for a reshed?


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If you didn't already get your refund from Ticketmaster, you can contact them for one.

It was an odd venue choice--the majority of people were either driving 3 hours from the LA area, or from further north like the Bay area, or came elsewhere from farther away. I'm sure fewer people were willing or able to make the trip out to Paso Robles which resulted in the tickets still being on sale that day. The issue isn't lack of interest though--both Hollywood Bowl shows ended up being sold out, and several other venues since have been sold out by the time the marquee is put up. I suspect the reason it was not rescheduled was because it would be inconvenient to work out a date in 2018 that might conflict with other tour dates (World Tour??) or because the management/Morrissey decided they don't like the venue after all.

Anyway, I met some nice people that day and we got the NYTimes piece out of it.

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