Paso Robles, California cancelled/postponed to 2018 due to inoperative on-stage heating

Tonight Paso Robles off .

Posted by baby j:

Morrissey goes low in Paso Robles..The announcement came at about 8:12p that the show was going to be postponed & rescheduled in 2018 due to an inoperative projector. Did I really drive all this way just to hear you say I don't want to sing tonight because your projector's broken?

Shortly before the announcement I had a feeling that it was getting too cold for him to sing.

Posted by beewee:

Show cancelled, postponed for a date in 2018. Lady came on the PA and stated on-stage heating not working. It was cold, about 48F and getting colder.

UPDATE Dec. 4:

Paso Robles officially cancelled according to email from Ticketmaster

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Welcome to the club! You can't really be a big Moz fan unless you've fell victim to a cancellation or a walk off. Stay tuned. There's Moore coming.

Do not travel unless you can mix something else in wherever you are going, first rule of Moz fanhood. The chances of any show happening are little better than 50%.

Thanks! I guess I do feel like a genuine Big Moz Fan now! And it's true that there is always something interesting to see or do wherever you go, so now I'll just always have a plan B. Good advice... I feel better, thanks again!

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A person from Morrissey's security team was in front of the barrier right up until this time too and a person was checking guitars and other instruments behind the curtain. I'm not sure how this squares with those who are saying that the venue knew he left at 6 already. Maybe they were still holding out hope.

Just a short Uber Black from the Motel 6 down the road. Morrissey could have left at 6:00 and been back for 9:00.

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He is a diva. But isn't that why we love him? I don't like roughing it either. Moz performing in a parka. Ahahaha. Not gonna happen.

Your cursing makes you a much better man than him? Seriously, why the anger and hostility dude? I was there as well but quit your trashy cursing and grow some balls man.


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I received my refund from Ticketmaster. If you are the ticketholder and you ordered through Ticketmaster, you should have already received an email about the postponement and option to get a refund. If not, you can email Ticketmaster support. No word on a postponement date.

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