Pasadena, CA - Cruel World Fest (May 15, 2022) post-show

Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.


Irish Blood, English Heart / Satan Rejected My Soul / Knockabout World / How Soon Is Now? / Have-A-Go Merchant / First Of The Gang To Die / Half A Person / The Loop / Little Man, What Now? / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Know It's Over / Never Had No One Ever / Let Me Kiss You / I Am Veronica / Sweet And Tender Hooligan

Setlist courtesy of @davidt, @karenina, @Redacted, FWD &

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Strange review, contradicts what others have said, doesn't look like she stayed for his set.

Morrissey was technically the headliner and Moz diehards were representing for sure, but many left before he even started, due either to exhaustion from the day or distaste for his politics.


"Many" could be 10 or half the crowd - she's just giving her opinion on him.

It's a thing in modern journalism - bad people get bad reviews, unless they've got a lot of clout with the editor.


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twat ruined a great song for those around him,sounded like a cat being strangled.
Hearing rumblings from within the music business that he has been signed up for a full Queen Is Dead tour with Johnny Marr this autumn.


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Another video from Brendan Buckley Youtube channel ( part of HSIN )


Is that you there in the middle?


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One of his immortal classics :kissingheart:


I think I must be, absolutely, a total sex object.

I really like these pictures, they are much better than the one posted at the top of the thread, one of these should have been used

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It's the powerhouse, for sure. I do love Once I Saw the River Clean a lot. He packs so much into that song. Hope to catch that next time. Glad you liked the video.

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