Pasadena, CA - Cruel World Fest (May 15, 2022) post-show

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Irish Blood, English Heart / Satan Rejected My Soul / Knockabout World / How Soon Is Now? / Have-A-Go Merchant / First Of The Gang To Die / Half A Person / The Loop / Little Man, What Now? / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Know It's Over / Never Had No One Ever / Let Me Kiss You / I Am Veronica / Sweet And Tender Hooligan

Setlist courtesy of @davidt, @karenina, @Redacted, FWD &

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I know it's Over from Brendan Buckley perspective ( BB youtube channel )


Thank you for this, nice audio . Does anyone know if there is any pro shots stuff?
I meant to say on previous posts, I like this new guy, from Cuba (even if at times he looks like Robbie Williams with a hairy top lip)
I think he is very talented, and I like his verve. I think he can probably write some good tunes, given a chance- which is exciting , that means we have Alain, Jesse, the Cuban fella , Boz (?) as well as the other one. the name escapes me, as does any interest in any of his music, generally speaking.
Im worried this 1hr set list thing is gonna continue.I hope not. Tickets aren't cheap and an hr seems "tight".
Sparks who are way over M do about double that, I think Bryan Ferry does as well.
I don't know about the entire concert, but there was a documentary that was being filmed on the fest, which is what the cameramen at the front of the stage were for.


6 pages of after-show comments!? More proof of what happens when a performer foolishly jettisons a significant chunk of his fanbase. Can Mr. "Great Replacement" make a comeback and woo those fans back? Not likely.


Game Of Death.
The highlight of the night so far ... what a beautiful version 💔

i would have strangled that f... if he was standing next to me.would have been a mercy killing to all the people around him.
great version.


Game Of Death.
Out of interest and maybe @Famous when dead can answer (on a postcard)
What is the traffic like on this site, compared to say 2006 or 2012 ?
Its just I get the impression. its shrunk quite a lot.

You get FWD do a (linder) sterling job.
You get the hardcore (some of whom seem to have more than one account)
You get ones like me who pop on time to time , then you get the ones that pop in a few times a year
It seems to me, the traffic has fallen off alot. Now, there are loads of M fans who don't come on here.
Still, its an indication of general interest
Maybe Im wrong about the traffic, just curious (orange)
a lot of people made accounts years ago but almost never comment,when theres an anniversary you see all these names that you have never seen before and thats a good a half hour in the morning to see if anything has happened overnight and a half hour at night to see if anything has happened during the day.

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We’d be next if we were there Baz. Probably me before you. I’d let you have my watch.
Could be right Lez....I’d rather have your wallet than your watch tho...

Your the type who still has their
First penny....

A champagne socialist perhaps 😉

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twat ruined a great song for those around him,sounded like a cat being strangled.
Been some good footage from those who were there, and of course from
FWD. I’ve really enjoyed it all Gordy.
But those shoes ..... 🤔🤔


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6 pages of after-show comments!? More proof of what happens when a performer foolishly jettisons a significant chunk of his fanbase. Can Mr. "Great Replacement" make a comeback and woo those fans back? Not likely.
This site is hardly representative of his fanbase, and that's a good thing.

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Strange review, contradicts what others have said, doesn't look like she stayed for his set.

Morrissey was technically the headliner and Moz diehards were representing for sure, but many left before he even started, due either to exhaustion from the day or distaste for his politics.


"Many" could be 10 or half the crowd - she's just giving her opinion on him.

It's a thing in modern journalism - bad people get bad reviews, unless they've got a lot of clout with the editor.
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