Pasadena, CA - Cruel World Fest (May 15, 2022) post-show

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Irish Blood, English Heart / Satan Rejected My Soul / Knockabout World / How Soon Is Now? / Have-A-Go Merchant / First Of The Gang To Die / Half A Person / The Loop / Little Man, What Now? / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Know It's Over / Never Had No One Ever / Let Me Kiss You / I Am Veronica / Sweet And Tender Hooligan

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I do hope he brings back Satan Rejected My Soul. Hopefully this time Tobias won’t F it up again. Hopefully Morrissey will finally kick him to the curb, please God before Vegas!
You really have a big crush with Tobias !! And you want his place too.
we are back to people saying it was a shit setlist,rewind a week and we had probably the same people saying the warm up shows were the best setlist in years.he cant win no matter what songs he picks.
I would have liked more variety over the different nights but I didn't hate the setlist
Yeah, but some people have multiple accounts just to slag him off, so it's not reliable information even when they pretend to like him & mysteriously keep getting last minute tickets to gigs they weren't going to.
Yes, that is interesting
Aha I missed all this ! I didn't know that Moz did a second night of festival!! I was very busy !!! I had to move somewhere else to have my house painted. So Moz
...with your handsome tie

Aha I missed all this ! I didn't know that Moz did a second night of festival!! I was very busy !!! I had to move somewhere else to have my house painted. So Moz
It's been posted here for a year, you need to look around the board to find the answers to questions you ask. FWD and David really stay on top of these things.
First Of The Gang To Die / Half A Person / The Loop / Little Man, What Now? / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Know It's Over
Sunday 15.5.2022

Thank you for this, nice audio . Does anyone know if there is any pro shots stuff?
I meant to say on previous posts, I like this new guy, from Cuba (even if at times he looks like Robbie Williams with a hairy top lip)
I think he is very talented, and I like his verve. I think he can probably write some good tunes, given a chance- which is exciting , that means we have Alain, Jesse, the Cuban fella , Boz (?) as well as the other one. the name escapes me, as does any interest in any of his music, generally speaking.
Im worried this 1hr set list thing is gonna continue.I hope not. Tickets aren't cheap and an hr seems "tight".
Sparks who are way over M do about double that, I think Bryan Ferry does as well.
The highlight of the night so far ... what a beautiful version 💔

Out of interest and maybe @Famous when dead can answer (on a postcard)
What is the traffic like on this site, compared to say 2006 or 2012 ?
Its just I get the impression. its shrunk quite a lot.

You get FWD do a (linder) sterling job.
You get the hardcore (some of whom seem to have more than one account)
You get ones like me who pop on time to time , then you get the ones that pop in a few times a year
It seems to me, the traffic has fallen off alot. Now, there are loads of M fans who don't come on here.
Still, its an indication of general interest
Maybe Im wrong about the traffic, just curious (orange)
Se ha publicado aquí durante un año, debe mirar alrededor del tablero para encontrar las respuestas a las preguntas que hace. FWD y David realmente se mantienen al tanto de estas cosas.
Thank you Redacted;)
He didn't f*** it up, it was a technical problem and led to a very entertaining two minutes of Mozz talk.

Aha that body seems almost the same as in the quarry era, good work Moz !!! to 2000 grams of taking off the shirt and bouncing it to the public. Although in my opinion you better not do it !!
I was 2 feet to the right when this was shot. Damon had to race from stage right, where he was expecting Moz to exit to the back of the stage to get his robe on him.
He wears his master's shoes too. That's also very Liberace, who dressed and even formed his "butler" after his own wishes. "Best friend" on the payroll, oh yes yes yes...
Moz I love that tie, that suit, without crosses, clear and beautiful voice, for my taste there are missing songs that you do not do very often, and there are some that are already very repeated, I adore them but others deserve to be " wonderful woman" for example and "glamorous glue ",there is so much to do! Dale Moz goes for everything and without crosses,!!Because the Master Jesus said follow me!! He never said to worship him or to wear crosses or to kneel before him or to use his image, none of that, he came to teach the universal principles, and they used it.... and they misrepresented many of his messages.Viva Morrissey y Moz vos sos Luz!!

Following Blondie, Morrissey was set to close the festival on the Outsiders stage. It’s a vast understatement to say that the English singer, 62, and his former band The Smiths were incredibly important to me growing up, but his devolution into a Far Right troll forced me to break up with him some years ago, and I was disappointed to see him booked into this prominent slot. (You’re still cool, Johnny Marr.)

Looking resplendent in a tuxedo, Morrissey emerged singing a line from Tom Jones’ “What’s New Pussycat?” before leading into a punchy “We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful,” a silhouetted figure making a trigger-pulling gesture displaying on the backdrop. The British vocalist was in fine form throughout his 65-minute set.
Alain Whyte — back in the touring band after a long absence — did especially memorable guitar work on the tension-filled “Irish Blood, English Heart,” “Ouija Board, Ouija Board” and a rockabilly-tinged “The Loop.”
Other standouts included the gorgeous “Alma Matters” and Moz’s first two solo hits, “Everyday is Like Sunday” and “Suedehead,” where fans still in attendance sang along loudly. Morrissey’s followers since the Eighties were also treated to enthralling versions of The Smiths’ “Never Had No One Ever,” “Sweet and Tender Hooligan” and “Half a Person.”
Morrissey often uses photos of actors, actresses and musicians from the 1950s-70s during his concerts. Among the cavalcade this time was David Johansen and the New York Dolls (unfortunately passed over again for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year).
Morrissey peered into the darkness of the huge crowd gathered for his closing set at Cruel World Festival in Pasadena on Saturday and muttered facetiously, ‘My God, you’re still here?”

There are, of course, different ways to take this. The notoriously sardonic singer might have wanted everyone to go home so he could shed the torture of his tuxedo and slip into his pajamas, too. Or maybe this was his way of gloomily suggesting the crowd make some noise.

But turn that around and look at it from the fans’ point of view. Two years after Cruel World Festival was first announced, and then twice delayed, of course, they were there to the bitter end of the former Smiths singer’s set.

As headliner, Morrissey didn’t disappoint. He showed up – always a good first step for our Steven. The festival agreed to his no-meat-at-the-food-tent terms. And in his hour-long set to wrap up the day, he sounded terrific.

Highlights included such solo hits as “First of the Gang to Die,” “Everyday Is Like Sunday,” and “Suedehead,” and a scattering of Smiths’ tunes including “Never Had No One,” “Half A Person,” and “Sweet and Tender Hooligan,” which closed out his set.


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