Pasadena, CA - Cruel World Fest (May 14, 2022) post-show

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We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful / Irish Blood, English Heart / Disappointed / Knockabout World / Billy Budd / Never Had No One Ever / Alma Matters / I Am Veronica / The Loop / First Of The Gang To Die / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Little Man, What Now? / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Half A Person / Suedehead / Jack The Ripper / Sweet And Tender Hooligan

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Suit & bow tie.

Disappointed (may have missed one).
I can't wait!!! I want to see my Mozuchisssssss
it’s funny how people were saying “as soon as morrissey comes on i’m leaving!” um, no one left at all.
Is anyone streaming ?
Socials are very dry.
Always like this at festivals.
A brief stream or two and delayed setlist is normal for this type of event.
Never Had No One Ever
The LA Times, bless it, is attempting a live-blog of the event but they're doing maybe two posts an hour, which isn't terribly gripping.
Alma Matters
Morrissey's shows are better than Moz singing at a festival with other singers. We will have to be patient .today is Saturday I can wait !!!!! I can always wait !!!!!!! :ahhh: 😍😍
"We have a new song in Lithuania..

I Am Veronica (female backing very audible).
"You have nerves of steel..."
The Loop
First Of The Gang To Die
("Oscar was...")
"No it's ok thank you, I'll get the bus.. I will.."
Ouija Board
"My God, you're still here"
Little Man, What Now?
Half A Person
"You had to sneak in to my room just to see the (this)?) face of gloom"
Jack The Ripper
"Crash in to these feeble arms"
Sweet And Tender Hooligan
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