Paris review in Heat and Planet Sound

Maurice E

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I didn't know "Heat" did music reviews. Surprised there is room amongst all those tits and cellulite pictures.
yeah, it is a bit surprising. their music reviews are actually quite good. they're not bogged down with the music magazines' pre-conceived notions of cool.
someone there's obviously a pretty big Moz fan as even 'That's How People...' got a good review!
will be interesting to see what they make of YOR...

joe frady

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I know Boyd Hilton is the TV reviewer at 'H**t' and he's a serious Moz nut, so maybe they pass them on to him to review.


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on boyd hilton's twitter he said that Moz gets a full page and someone also said he was going to be torso of the week thanks to the 7" inner sleeve! Imagine! what would he think of that?

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