Paris - Olympia (Sep. 24, 2015) post-show

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By davidt on Sep 24, 2015 at 9:30 PM
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    Feb 12, 1997
    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.


    Suedehead / Alma Matters / Speedway / Ganglord / Staircase At The University / Kiss Me A Lot / You'll Be Gone / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Yes, I Am Blind / Boxers / The Bullfighter Dies / My Dearest Love / Oboe Concerto / Meat Is Murder / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Will See You In Far-Off Places / What She Said // The Queen Is Dead

    setlist provided by Nikita (order not 100%).

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Sep 24, 2015.

    1. Anonymous
      wild and crazy guys
    2. Anonymous
      Reader meat author !

      Author my arse ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha L M F A O.

    3. FabienK1
      "What she said" was THE moment... Merci encore, Monsieur, and enjoy Charles Aznavour tomorow
    4. Nikita
      Not sure about the order except the begining and the end:

      Alma Matters
      Speedway (nothing during the switch)
      Staircase at the University
      Kiss me a Lot
      You'll be gone - they strated it thrice and finally did not perform it
      World Peace is Not of Your Business
      I'm throwing my Arms Around Paris
      The World is Full of Crashing Bores
      Yes, I am Blind
      The Bullfighter Dies
      My Dearest Love
      Oboe Concerto
      Meat is Muder
      Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed
      Everyday is Like Sunday
      I Will See You in Far Off Places
      What She Said/Rubber Ring
      Encore: The Queen is Dead
    5. Dhalluin
      Nice evening, with a Mozz seeming healthy. The concert was good, even if "You'll be gone" was tried 3 times and abandoned finally. Very happy to have heard Boxers and Alma Matters.

      Morrissey talked about attending a gig tomorrow of Charles Aznavour, and signed two of his books.

      Hope to see Mozz again in Paris another time ! :)
    6. Dhalluin
      With Suedehead and The Queen is dead.
    7. Anonymous
      At the first attempt, Moz said : "Three of us are human"
    8. Ian Rush
      Ian Rush
      Crashing Bores is definitely one of my fav post-2000 song. Alma Matters was great too. I had not seen the guy for 6 years and it was a good gig. Looked in a good shape.
    9. Anonymous
      Morrissey posted on Twitter yesterday that he was going to see Charles Aznavour, but as he only has 39 followers, I guess most people missed it.
    10. Anonymous
      Wind your neck in, you boring, tedious, unbalanced fucker.

      Another top set list from the great man x
    11. Anonymous
      Autobiography in the bestseller charts for how long?

      And just remind us what have you've achieved..?
    12. Anonymous
      Was there any "mania" ? (R O F L ).

    13. vegan.cro
      "Reader meat author !

      Author my arse ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha L M F A O.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher "

      It is quite true that he goes on to say that he detects no art in it.
      But I do not think that it is fair to expect a BUTCHER to be able to see
      a work of art from every point of view. Even Gautier had his limitations
      just as much as Diderot had, and in modern England Goethes are rare.
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    14. Anonymous
      Enjoy it while you can Munchkin, the wizard of Moz is doomed ! The charade is drawing to a close now.

    15. Anonymous
      I have saved many many people falling victim to this CrankFraud. Once the debunking program is wound up by the government who knows what my future holds ! A knighthood perhaps, I might even release my own book ' Tosserrey! My part in his downfall '

    16. vegan.cro
      The poor public, hearing from an authority so high as your own BUTCHER, that
      this is a wicked book that should be coerced and suppressed by a Tory
      Government, will, no doubt, rush to it and read it.
      Current number 19 Amazon
    17. Anonymous
      he went on a binge when his last cd stalled at no 2.
      now, its all coming to a sad end. with his first book universally considered the worst pos of all times. in pubs all over the uk they will be reading his book out loud for a merry laugh.
    18. vegan.cro
      The story is an essay on decorative art. It re-acts against the
      crude brutality of plain (prose) realism. It is poisonous, if you like, but
      you cannot deny that it is also perfect, and perfection is what
      artists (Morrissey) aim at.
    19. Anonymous
      you have been hired by moz to post this.

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