Paris 24/09/2020 cancellation confirmed by Morrissey's cousin

does anyone know whether paris septemeber gig will happen
official info seems to be that it will
but to me it seems rather unlikely
and here i am with a ticket...

Posted by GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn:

According to Jay (Morrissey's cousin) on Twitter yesterday it won't.

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'Morrissey - the one man show, live in Paris. An intimate evening of a cappella songs, interspersed with anecdotes from his career, plus an audience question and answer section. Tickets on sale now at Ticketmaster'.
Let's face it - he's getting to be about the age to do a sit down sofa show. This could be the start of an entire new chapter of Morrissey live! :)

I saw Amanda Palmer last December & it was a Ted Talk/whinge with an occasional song. So it's doable.
“Cousin”, is that what we call “very close friends” now? Haha
I better ask my dentist's uncle if my appointment is called, he ought to know

I'd trust the cousin on this one.
The only activity we're likely to see this year is middle-finger posts on Central, from some triggered puppet...Not even from the Master of middle fingers himself.
Yep. Save yourself the trouble of travelling in these troubled times.

Morrissey might not be, but Paris will more or less always be there..If that's any consolation. ("-Meh.")

Well, turns out you were right. I was just being delusionally hopeful, seeing Moz would certainly be something to brighten up this cursed, dull year. :(
Paris concert officially postponed this morning on the Salle Pleyel website, new date is Friday May 14 2021
Salle Pleyel has just announced that that tomorrow's gig in Paris- (Sept 24) has been postponed to May 14, 2021
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