Paris, 11/03/2020

How can you not love Moz even though there are a million reasons to hate him?
The Palladium Cologne did post this on their Facebook page an hour ago.

"Liebe Gäste,

nach derzeitigem Stand finden alle Veranstaltungen wie geplant statt.
Sollte es zu einer Absage durch die zuständigen Behörden kommen, werden sowohl wir, als auch der jeweilige Veranstalter umgehend auf den Homepages und Facebook-Seiten informieren.
Bitte informieren Sie sich regelmäßig auf unseren Homepages, bei Facebook und auf der Homepage des Veranstalters über den aktuellen Stand.

Beste Grüße
E-Werk & Palladium Köln


Dear Visitors,

the current situation is that the shows will take place as planned.
We and the individual local promoters will post an update on our homepages, in the case of a cancellation by the responsible authorities.
We kindly want to ask you to check our homepage, Facebook-Page and the homepage of the local promoter regularly to keep yourself updated about the state of the concert.

Kind Regards
E-Werk & Palladium Cologne"

Same as on their homepage, but as it was posted very recently it's more current. So I think unless Moz cancels himself or there's a sudden clear government order to ban it the Cologne concert tonight should be going ahead.
Well, I would quite like a cancellation and a refund now (for Paris) . It is against the govt recommendations to go ahead. It would be pure greed and very dangerous to be up close and personal with people who have travelled to be there. Not funny if you have a compromised immune system or older relatives . I see another gig at the Pleyel has been cancelled. I won't go now, i think it would be irresponsible. Sod's law if this is the gig he does not cancel.
This is just in:

1. My 2 friends are in the queue (35/36) right in front of the Palladium.
2. First 2 corona infected victims in Germany today. Both close to Cologne.

I think it's fairplay to tell both.

Good luck for all.
From The Guardian:
Madonna has cancelled shows in Paris on Tuesday and Wednesday due to restrictions imposed over the coronavirus outbreak, promoter Live Nation has told Reuters.

Nada surf will do two sets the same day to be under 1000 people, good strategy
Morrissey should let 999 people in for the first 40 minutes, then play World Peace and Munich Air as they filter out (like many do anyways at that point), and then let another 999 people in for the last 40 minutes.
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From the Facebook page of Salle Pleyel
Bonjour à toutes et à tous, nous pouvons à présent vous confirmer que, malheureusement, les concerts de Maxime Le Forestier les lundis 9 et 16 mars à la Salle Pleyel sont bien annulés.

« Suite à l’annonce dimanche 08 mars 2020 d’Olivier VÉRAN, Ministre des Solidarités et de la Santé imposant l’annulation des événements regroupant plus de 1000 personnes sur le territoire français, les concerts de #MaximeLeForestier à la Salle Pleyel prévus les lundis 9 et 16 mars 2020 sont malheureusement annulés. Nous espérons pouvoir vous proposer de nouvelles dates de concerts à Paris très prochainement. Dans cette attente, les spectateurs qui le souhaiteraient peuvent se faire rembourser. Merci de vous rapprocher du point de vente de réservation de vos billets. »
Maxime le forestier is a french singer.
2 dates 9 and 16 of march are cancelled due to corona virus.
For Morrissey, chances to see him on wednesday are getting slimer
From the French Venue's FB:


En anglais:

For Paris, I saw the cancellation from the concerts of Maxime Leforestier in "salle Pleyel" tonight and also on Monday the 16th.
So, I called the "salle Pleyel" at 5:30 pm. They told to me they are discussing with the French authorities (Préfecture) and will inform by mail people who bought tickets for Moz and also post a message on their Internet website on the Moz concert page.
Such a shame, 'cos Morrissey really hates cancellations.
Confirmed by Morrissey - France cancelled:

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