Panic On The Streets' Re-published 28th Feb 2012

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By All Over Battersea on Dec 16, 2011 at 5:47 PM
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    1. Neader
      Oh, by the same guy who was banned from his very site?
    2. Anonymous
      Yes, that's me! ;)
    3. celibate
      congrats Phil Gatenby, good to see you keep the locations updated:thumb:

      Wish you wonderfull festive days.

      greetings from the Netherlands.

      [this autosaved system puts al yer words/lines together, must check out the posting details,soz...]
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    4. Anonymous
      Re-evaluate the maps!

      Sell-out. Hope you don't make the top 20,000 book list.
    5. Anonymous
      Thank you to Det. wojoski of ICE and his investigation immigration fraud. Shoudn't have lied to the Boston IO on entry.
      Next will be an benefit investigation of that Ralf Kramden lookalike who thinks he's morrissey.
    6. Anonymous
      I'm sick of immigrants lying to get into the US. ICE has been notified. Almost as sick of benefits thiefs so I turned in that Ralf Kramden lookalike who thinks he's MOrrissey.
    7. Anonymous
      Fair (and not unexpected) comment, however it's not quite as straight forward as it may seem on the surface.

      Disappointingly, the 1st issue never got off the ground. The publisher went bust, it was never distributed as intended and I have no idea how many copies they had printed or how many it sold.
      Apparently another company bought the rights to all of the publishers titles (including Simon Goddard's 'Songs That Saved Your Life') and I got a letter out of the blue a few months ago from them saying they were going to reprint 'Panic On The Streets' in time for February 2012.

      So it was a case of either not being bothered about it and simply allowing it to be printed as it was originally - knowing that some of the sites were no longer as stated and other newer places needed to be included too......
      or getting involved, going through each site mentioned, bringing them up to date / deleting them were neccessary and adding the news ones where appropriate.

      I figured if my name was being attached to it, then I'd rather the information be correct as of the time of the 2nd print rather than having fans buy something 'new' that was in fact containing out of date information.

      And who knows, I may even get a royalty cheque this time!

      Phill Gatenby
    8. Anonymous
      Ha ha!! When did you notify ICE? I hope they charged you for wasting their time!
    9. Anonymous
      Muahahaha you got suckered in by the troll. Good luck with the book.
    10. celibate
      take yer medications, no USA involved.

      It's about Morrissey/Smiths locations in Manchester and London.

      Mentioned in lyrics, pictures, and sleeves, and ofcourse their history.

      If it's published in the USA ,all books have ISBN numbers, and pay tax of any book sold.

    11. Anonymous
      To a degree, yes, but regardless of the troll post, I was going to explain why it was being re-issued after only 5 years. I know some people think I live a life of luxury on the back of these books.... if only!

      and to celibate, the USA reference was aimed (laughably incorrectly) at me - but thanks anyway :)


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