Palladium 28/5 Bootleg Anyone?

I'm interested in this guys got "Panic" and "Stop Me..." ?!?
The sound quality is fantastic!! Thank you so much for recording the show!!
Too kind to post one track so earlier
Thanks GL! :)

The audio quality is amazing! If you have got the rest of the concert, please please please upload it! Or email me at [email protected]. This was my first Moz gig, and it would be great to have the boot. Many thanks! :)
Dear Gang Lord-

Would you be so kind as to grace us with the rest of the show?

I'm sure those with a healthy batch of shows would be glad to reciprocate if you were in need of any particular shows.

Say the word...

- unruly boy -
Wow - I am no expert on bootlegs, but this sounds damn good. The best of the few clips I've heard from this year easily! Please post more!

Most Excellent!
the other 30 odd minutes i have will be posted, it just takes so much time to do and what with the bank holiday weekend i don;t have time to do it plus i avent found a program that i can use yet
For the love of God, and in the name of all that is holy - please upload Panic.

from someone who is gutted he wasn't there. Saying that, when I heard the first few bars of Panic on the intro, I almost wept, so if I was there I think my head may have literally exploded. I can't even bear to think about the encore. I just hope he keeps it up throughout the European dates. Roll on Rome and Milan.
Dear god it sounds wonderful!
That must be the surprise of the year for those who were there. Please, please, please upload the rest! I get shivers down my spine just to here those lines.
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