Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, Mexico due September 10, 2023 - rescheduled for October 31, 2023.

"Translated from Spanish by Google
Morrissey... Cancelled.

An anonymous hamster
correspondent reported to us a while ago that something was wrong with the setup.
We investigated and now we confirm:
Morrissey says he is sick and it is cancelled!
We are waiting for an official announcement from 0CESA, but for the fans we hope that something can be resolved."

Started as word of mouth rumour.
More substantial 'sources' above.
No word if postponed or cancelled outright - or just misinterpreted rumours.

This is tentative information, if any ticket holders have direct sources of information, please let us know.
More details as things become clearer.
The thread status of rumour will be updated the moment an official Morrissey announcement is made.
Hoping this information is wrong and concertgoers aren't disappointed.

Update (September 10, 2013):
Now confirmed as not going ahead - rumour tag removed.
Rescheduled date given of October 31, 2023.

Surely it was one of the two foreign loonies that got an autograph from him at the hotel this week. They bring their germs and diseases from whatever country they crawled out of and spread it in foreign lands. I reckon it was probably someone from Argintiniaaaaa. I feel bad for those that can’t book another trip for the rescheduled date. This could have been avoided had Moz spent time strengthening his body doing jiu-jitsu with Brendan Buckley instead of meeting fans inside his hotel nnnnnnnnnnnnnnit mate
Disgusting garbage I'm going to answer you in Spanish:
Morrissey no cree en Covid. Lo llamado “Con-vid”, ¿recuerdas?

Seguramente fue uno de los dos locos extranjeros que le consiguió un autógrafo en el hotel esta semana. Traen sus gérmenes y enfermedades del país del que salieron y los propagan en tierras extranjeras. Calculo que probablemente fue alguien de Argentinaaaaa. Me siento mal por aquellos que no pueden reservar otro viaje para la fecha reprogramada. Esto podría haberse evitado si Moz hubiera dedicado tiempo a fortalecer su cuerpo haciendo jiu-jitsu con Brendan Buckley en lugar de reunirse con los fanáticos dentro de su hotel nnnnnnnnnnnnnnit amigo.
Callate la boca basura,lavate la boca con aguarras antes de hablar de mi pais Argentina !!!!!!.Dejate joder gil de cuarta !!! No molestes mas ,sos mas pesado que collar de melones ,y sopa de tuercas.Basta basta y basta
All fans wish Moz the best and send him healing energy to improve himself and continue to share his talent as he always does, with emotion and feeling expressed in his unique and incomparable voice. Moz do not worry about what others say, take care of your health and take care of yourself. Your health comes first, I admire you and send you healing energy ❤️ ❤️
You’ve got to hand it to him: a most appropriate way to open his ‘40 years of Morrissey’ anniversary tour.
You’ve got to hand it to him: a most appropriate way to open his ‘40 years of Morrissey’ anniversary tour.
I don't recognize anything You can recognize it if you want. Moz's health is all I care about instead of writing badly, you should wish him a speedy recovery. This is a site of people who admire Morrissey and we are here to talk about Morrissey with respect and there is no place for people who enjoy if something goes wrong
You’ve got to hand it to him: a most appropriate way to open his ‘40 years of Morrissey’ anniversary tour.
the M from Manchester is 64, years mostly with hot lights, vegan is good but you must have a coach, pro who guides and looks if you get the very needed to stay fit. 40 years on the road won't des you body good, we may be glad Morrissey is on this age still giving gigs, and we all been through, and it hurts, or it's not pleasant. Get well Morrissey.
Ticketmaster MX confirm adjusted gig date:
Quite a lot of these rescheduled events (historically) don't end up happening - be aware if travelling/hotels etc.
New York (Oct 25)->Mexico (Oct 31)->Singapore (Nov 9) might be a bit ambitious if the past is anything to go by.
I've been thinking that there is no way he will play all those dates if extrapolation from past data on cancellations is anything to go by, and that's perfectly fine.... If he doesn't f***ing book to play them in the first place. I believe this is way too ambitious for a 64-year-old who has health issues.
Only days after him being publicly seen & written about. Not sure what Team Moz think they’re up to here but this optics stuff isn’t their thing clearly.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the date gets binned all together, probs quite easy to secure a backup date in Mexico for Moz than Moz in Nottingham.

Will likely mean higher ticket prices for the future as Moz’s insurance for touring will be on the rise
I like a drink as much as the next man, but it doesn’t interfere with my work.
He needs an intervention.
Who’s available to fly to South America now? Nerak Malarkey? I’m not sure we’ll be able to pay for your NME back-issues to go in the hold, though.

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