Painting and Drawing

Carlisle baz

Cock of the north

"luxury hotel" with broke windows.o_O

events outdoors because the indoor is condemned.
no paint.
protruding plumbing:swear

robocop luxury:hammer:
Many people on here are slagging Morrissey off RE his show last night.....
And all you can do is complain
About me ....

Come on cro....
Pull yourself together laddie

I thought you would be having a field day getting ploughed(no pun) into the haters...

But no.......
Imagined broken windows and a suit is obviously more important to you now.

Vegan Cro Spirit .777


'peeps we regret to inform the 'ceremony':rolleyes:
will take place in the yard since the poor luxury motel' dwelling
appears ready to crumble:hammer:

Carlisle baz

Cock of the north
Well Shazzz....
I was very impressed with the show although I missed Irish blood/ trouble/ and plea...
Otherwise I really enjoyed it...

Loved ...this night has opened my eyes.
Loved ..Satan rejected my soul...

Loved ..Alma..

Loved.. Shoplifters , lady willpower
Wedding bells and a lot lot more...

Took him a few songs to get warmed up but when he did he looked more relaxed..
Great to see the stage invasion and that he was touching people ...

What did you think ??

Vegan Cro Spirit .777


what kind of 'luxury hotel' has 0 occupancy due to
the structure being unsteady and ready to crumble? FFS
no paint, windows broke and inoperative, 100 chance of
no running water or electric power? like a truck stop ghetto?:mad:
theres your coors at work:hammer:

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useless eater
A few strokes more
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