Painting and Drawing

Carlisle baz

Cock of the north
Our retarded mongrel friend will be in fits of rage when he sees you’re living in luxurious property market areas 😉
Some beautiful
Things in life
Non more than us ...

Carlisle baz

Cock of the north
I asked you if you were close to your aunt. You ignored my question.
Yes I was .....
she was bonkers.....

So we got on fine 😂

Her two sons who stood up
And spoke about her at the funeral..

I spoke to them both and said
I could never do what you both done ...
we all grew up together

How can anyone stand up at their
Parents funeral... and actually
Speak ....
I hugged them both and said so

Light Housework

useless eater
One of her sons was a teacher
The other is a homeless officer ...
I went shopping this morning and lugged two big watermelons home, in my personal shopping buggy. I'm crazy about these melons.

I'll be painting soon. Still getting to know my materials. I have many brushes now, to choose from.
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