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Light Housework

useless eater
With all the ale she’s guzzled today her paintings will resemble Jackson pollocks 😁😁
You were kind of right.

Light Housework

useless eater
Before I got hauled into the loony bin, I was influenced by @reelfountain to go mask free into the grocery store. I'd forgotten to bring it with me, and thought "Here's my chance to be brave like reelfountain refusing to wear a mask in this charade.". I walked in with my own shopping buggy in tow, and the security guard started in on me. I told her to call the police. Dared her. I continued into the store. A burly man began mouthing at me. I dared him to throw me out, and resumed shopping. It took me about 10 minutes to finish. The guy, at one point, said "Really?", when I'd mentioned my mental health worker, and he opened up a cash register so I would get out fast.

I said "Beautiful avocados eh?" and he agreed. My prepaid credit card didn't work the first few tries, but I stuffed my buggy anyway, saying I'd pay them back. The guy made my card work at that point, and I rolled my heavy buggy outside, feeling triumphant, and a tallish man came after me, angrily telling me not to come back, and I swore at him and gave him the finger.

And now, I'm having to shop. Uh oh.
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