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I don't want anyone to possess me. Not even Morrissey. But I'd like to sing, write poetry, and sketch/paint and love platonically, in good company. I had someone over yesterday to paint together, and I'm feeling happy this morning. So happy (not manically, but calmly), that I want to post two selfies to look back on, and know, I have lived and loved, at least a smidgen.
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Rocking the hobo look (y)

Light Housework

Building a career as a fine arts painter
A little brow on the moz in baz's portrait


I'm sick of this thread now. Yu have no talent in painting or singing. Make a realisation narcissist.

Light Housework

Building a career as a fine arts painter
Milk is on your to do list. I just noticed. Don't you know, that milk is bad for you, meant for calves, not adult humans? Plus, milk involves much cruelty. It's a domino effect when you buy it. I used to order pizza from Domino's. All that milk that made the cheese.I was glad when they sent me one covered in rancid veggies, because it turned me off. I get the urge to order again here and there, but I trust I won't do it. It's just a craving for obliviousness. Eating pizza is a waste of time, money, health, and potential happiness.
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