Padova 2014



Gran teatro geox, Padova, Italy 22.10.2014

1 MOV file made of the original HD mov files. Full, almost full + half songs. Lenght 22 min.

Video: 1280/720, 10513 kbps, 29 frames.
Audio: AAC, 436 kbps, 44 khz.


Intro Padova
Hand in glove
Kiss me a lot
World peace is none of your business
Bullfighter dies
Staircase at the university
One day goodbye will be farewell
Outro (very) lonely in padova



1536 kbps audio taken out from the videos to wav -> flac.
The ones which are not in the video version are recorded having the cam recording in my chestpocket.

Hand in Glove (complete)
Kiss Me a Lot (incomplete)
World Peace Is None of Your Business (incomplete)
You Have Killed Me (98% complete)
Kick the Bride Down the Aisle (complete)
Trouble Loves Me (complete)
The Bullfighter Dies (complete)
Istanbul (incomplete)
Staircase at the University (incomplete)
I'm Not a Man (complete)
Meat Is Murder (complete)
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell (complete)

Madrid 9.10.2014

The Queen is dead (complete)
Kiss me a lot (complete)

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