Over forty years after a doomed gig, the godfather of punk is coming back to Manchester - MEN

Famous when dead

The usual stuff re: New York Dolls.
A bit of history, the upcoming Sylvain Sylvain gig on the 21st in Manchester and Morrissey thrown in for good measure.


"Before he was famous, vegetarian, vegan, or any other adjective the reader feels appropriate, before he learnt to delight with the things he sang and dismay with the things he says, The Smiths’ lead singer was a Stretford lad, living on Kings Road, around the corner from the Hardrock.

Steven Morrissey spent much of his teenage years as a New York Dolls’ superfan, at one stage he was president of their UK fan club. He wasn’t actually a fan until he saw them on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1973, but it’s easy to imagine, had he been a fan at the time of Billy Murcia’s death, and that cancelled gig at the Hardrock, that his mood might have skipped, very quickly, from ‘Heaven Knows’, to ‘I Know It’s Over’..."

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