Other Bands/Artists you looking forward to see live?


me: sonic youth tomorrow in berlin
i saw them first and last 1998...so they are the heroes of my youth and unfortunately not moz... i "discovered" him when i was 19 Years old...the rEAson could be that when i was in my teens he just was nowhere present in the media
and I HEArd a lot of got into him and the smiths because their older brother /sister or older friends ( or at least with a music taste which is different from the average) invite their music to you...for me it was all about self discovering...
i missed sonic youth last december when they played berlin ( 2 month before already sold out) the combination :
Sat 16/12/06 and morrissey: Sun,17/12/06
was just too good to be true but well Mozzer was perfect and the best concert I ever went to (and i ve seen quite a few the last 10 years) and more than i could ask for
but im really looking forward to see kim thurstonan lee again after such a looong time...performing their classic album daydreaM NATION


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Sonic Youth are indeed a very good band, I wouldn't mind seeing them if they came round these 'ere parts. I'm really looking forward to seeing Rufus Wainwright and Arcade Fire in October, and hopefully The Cure next spring...can't wait! :D



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APsychedelic Furs gig... should be neato.. Supposed Cure gig in september, and rumors of a few Pistols reunion dates if so I may be off to merry england even though i can't afford it, I'm sure theres' room for one more hooligan in the old empire.:)


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the Chemical Bros are coming out w/ a new album this month so i'm hoping they'll book some gigs Stateside.

Underworld will is rumored to release a new LP this year as well, so maybe they'll come to the US in Oct(?).

i last saw both around '03 or '04 - would be a treat to see them again live!


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Right now I have the following gigs on the forefront:

Morrissey - PNC this week
Tool - PNC on July 18th
Tokyo Police Club - Maxwells in NJ on August 11th
The Cure - Sep 21st
The Cure - Sep 23rd
Bloc Party - October 3rd at MSG Theatre

And Hopefully Morrissey at MSG should they reschedule. I'm thinking of adding Modest Mouse, Pelican and TV on the Radio to my summer concert schedule.


Mmm well The Wedding Present performing the album 'George Best' in full for its 20th anniversary in October.
They're playing all the original cities they did 20 years ago on the original tour.

Oh and i'm going to see Midlake as well this month, looking forward to that too.

Cheers ears! x


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Well, I've crossed just about everyone off my list of concerts to see before I die.

I am seeing Crowded House next month in Chicago. And we might go see the Cure in Sept. I love living in a big city, everyone stops here.

And of course, Moz for the 4th time this summer, if all goes well, next Tuesday.

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i m excited to see the slits w/ sonic youth at mccaren park pool this august.
im REALLY excited about it actually.


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Just booked tickets to see Arcade Fire in October at the SECC. I’m really looking forward to it.

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I've got the following shows on the horizon. I can't wait for any of them.

Roger Waters Thursday, 7/12 Darien Center, NY

Interpol Thursday, 7/19 Rochester, NY

The Cure Thursday, 9/27 Toronto, ON


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I'll be missing The Who and the Beastie Boys because of work. But that's Ok since I saw some great concerts with Bright Eyes, Jaime T and José Gonzalez last week.

I'm also thinking about seeing Manu Chao in August, is he worth it?
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