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  1. Uncleskinny

    Uncleskinny Guest

    Season's greetings to you all from miserable Bradford.

    Some of you may already have some or all of these, but for those who don't, have you ever wondered what the original versions of all the songs that The Smiths and Morrissey covered sound like? Now's your chance. I bunged up a temporary website. The problem I had was that you could hardly bung up the more recent originals up for download, so they are all available in one large .ZIP file. Sorry to those with slower connections, but it's unavoidable really. Anyway, have a jolly festive season everyone!

    Best Wishes,


  2. curious

    curious Guest

    When Moz performed this one?
    5 : Harry Rag - The Kinks
  3. Uncleskinny

    Uncleskinny Guest

    > When Moz performed this one?
    > 5 : Harry Rag - The Kinks

    According to LASID, at least once on the Your Arsenal tour.

  4. curious

    curious Guest

    Thanks for the answer and for the files
  5. Wes

    Wes Guest

    Thanks Uncleskinny, you're the best!

    Merry Christmas and God Bless you,

    Wesley Whitefield
  6. Uncleskinny I have downloaded the songs but can't play them on my pc.

    Any suggestions ?
  7. J

    J Guest

    He never performed it.
  8. joey

    joey Guest

    > He never performed it.

    according to a fanzine i have, "harry rag" was only soundchecked but never actually performed in front of an audience...at least no one has ever confirmed it. same goes for the marianne faithfull tracks. i'm sure mike joyce would have mentioned them to the author(i forget the guy's name) of "songs that saved your life". there is one track missing on your list though...elvis presley's "maries the name(of his latest flame)". never the less, this is a very kind gesture and i'm sure i speak for a lot of us here when i say thanks!
  9. Benton

    Benton Guest

    > Season's greetings to you all from miserable Bradford.

    I'd imagine that they are a bit miserable at being left out.

    But many thanks for taking the time to put that together.

    And thanks again for providing one of the year's TV highlights.

    Happy Christmas!
  10. jeane

    jeane Guest

    Many thanks for the kind thought. I don't want to piss on your parade but I think Hepburn's Moon River is a cover of Henry Mancini's version.

    Happy holiday season to you.

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