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why did women look more beautiful back then,especially the seventies,susan George ,susan penhaligon,caroline munroe theres three scorchers just off the top of my head.
Yeah three stunners, Susan George was incredible back then. Britt Ekland what a cracker she was too plus Diana Dors was lovely back in her heyday.


I have to add what about Hills Angels from The Benny Hill Show and Hot Gossip from The Kenny Everett Show...astonishing dance routines from these girls broadcast onto to our tv screens at 8pm on a weeknight in the UK, great mammories err I mean memories?


from the Ice Age to the dole age
take it you take offence to me using the word scorcher,embarrassing sexist crap,dont talk mince,it was a compliment to the beauty these women had,when women were burning their bras i was holding the matches,i love women and women love me.

No Gordy, I wasn't responding to you but to claptrap about the standards of 'civilization' falling because women are no longer dressing to please men 24/7.
Also - complimenting movie stars you're attracted to is one thing but using that to take ordinary people down is not "loving women."
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from the Ice Age to the dole age
A completely illogical conclusion to draw from what I said (which was half joking anyway). But par for the course here I‘m learning.

Not illogical at all, it was a tone-deaf joke - and just what are real women?


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I presume this 'decline' also applies to men then, or is the fall of civilization entirely linked to women not being 'scorchers' these days? Embarrassing sexist crap.
The decline applies to everything, literally EVERYTHING. Especially common sense and the worlds sense of humor. The world is well and truly f***ed.


Sing it brother.




*gag* there is no comparison!! so sick of seeing gigi Hadid and her hypothyroid face and what's with that girl whose been drinking milk?!?!?!?

the f***ing state of things! I wont even buy vogue anymore!


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I reckon everyone talks shit about the California Son Junior, but dude has got game. He is very athletic and he shares the California Son Senior's love of real football played in the USA and basketball c*** tit twat skozer notter chipper curry northern base impostor getting bread inn nn nnn nnn nnn n n it.

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