Origin of the Boxing Gloves...

yes, git him!

hes said some awful mean things to me, beat him up for me, k thx. :)

instead of the ref, i'll be one of those chicks that walks around the boxing ring after each round, holding up the sign all sexy-like, haha.

I was going to say that earlier but I didn't know what they were called.... I guess they don't have a name for them from what I see :p

Nugs will be the hot chick that hold up the sign and
boyvoyeur can be the referee who will let me get away with giving Robby a few low-blows ;)


Tony the pony!
but if im the ref i cant slap him me self then!! you'll just have to make sure you hit him hard enuff for both of us hahaha


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Has anyone Thought of the fact that if Old Boy is doing a greatest hits tour and the gloves on the shirt are hanging that maybe he is :hanging up the gloves" and calling it quits.....just a thought.


Morrissey is going to start recording new album with Tony Visconti after the US tour.
He has no intention to hang up yet. :rolleyes:


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I was bored and it was like 3 am.... Just trying to kill time. I have PTSD so I don't sleep too well these days...figured I would fill in the holes.

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