Ordinary girl 19 id worry more about what your country is doing to palestine

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ordinary girl19

Excuse me, but who the hell are you to judge and make such crud patronizing assumption that I don't worry about the events that are happening in my country?! do you know me? my personal life? views? you don't have any clue or ACCURATE knowledge about the problems of my country except being fed from some biased medias. I'm the one who lives in Israel NOT you!

This JERK who started this thread, is trying to wind me up just so she could entertain herself with her sick mind.Do you REALLY think she gives a toss about the Palestinians? She uses this issue as a CARD, an EXCUSE to express her hateful anti-semitic thoughts that bursts in her head.She is a lunatic who's blaming the Jews for all the problems and tragedies of the world(and there is enough proof to back this up,look at her past comments, just 2 weeks ago).

She started this thread because i'm Jewish, not for any other reason, and only a FOOL would think otherwise.

I came here to discuss about MUSIC with fellow Morrissey fans.This is a MORRISSEY discussion board, not a POLITICAL discussion board.If you fail to see it then it's not my problem.

There is nothing more PATHETIC than a 46 years old(the Nazi loser SF) trying to pick on a 19 years old (who merely wants to discuss about MUSIC), just so she could fill her pointless and sad uneducated life with something.

This will be my first and last reply as this whole disgusting, patronizing thread is not worth any further comment.

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