Opposition inside Morrissey's band


from the Ice Age to the dole age
If only.


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For anyone not following the news, it follows that of the claim of one of Trump's insiders in the white house. 'The Opposition inside Trump's White House'
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Too right bloomin' onion. I reckon what a bunch of fookin' bull ox mate inn n nn n n n nn n n n nn n nnn n it. This was probably written by some delusional foreigner a million miles away from Moz Angeles in some place in Brittin called "Weeds" spreading rumors on So-Low that the Smiths are going to reunite on John Maher's birthday for a gig at Mankchester G Mex O2 Polytechnic Arena. The band Air Steve has now would cross the Delaware River to destroy the Brittish just like Air Steve's ancestors did in 1776. If you foreigner wackos here don't get it, it means his band would do anything for him. There is a reason Air Steve has lived in LA all his life away from you anti-American terrorist wackos.

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YES TRUE!!:crazy:
LAWNMOWER MIKE was standing behind MOZ at the COMPUTER STORE ready to POINT HIS FINGER at MOZ NOSE when a GHOST pulled him away!!!!! :laughing:
(LAWNMOWER MIKE is but 4 foot 9 inches so he was going to point UPWARDS towards MOZ NOSE but it never happened.:lbf: Because LMW Mike was likely drunk when he made the story up.:lbf::lbf:)
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