"Open Letter to the LA Times re Morrissey" - For Britain

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Oct 31, 2019.

By davidt on Oct 31, 2019 at 4:36 AM
  1. davidt

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Oct 31, 2019.

    1. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555


      the left wing loons are going to protect the gays from religion by surrounding them with Islam that want to throw them off moats.:lbf:
      Catholic Church is gayer than the gays.:thumb:
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    2. reelfountain
      Okay, so I'm generally a sceptic in life whereas you are a natural optimist. I can accept that. But I think you misunderstand me slightly - I don't want Sharia law to take over the UK, but current demographics seem to point towards a possibility of that in the future, unless there are unknown future changes. I would actually prefer your opinion to be correct, but I see too much evidence pointing in the other direction.

      Citing how the Irish suffered various discrimination in the past doesn't really cut it. It always seems a cop out to cite a past example of something to deny a current-day problem. The context is different. The problem is different. Globalism may engulf Britain (and Ireland, and the whole of Europe) completely. This is the worry of many people.

      For example, how can you have a functioning welfare state when the gates are open to the whole world? You can't - it's financially unsustainable. Most of Africa (1.2 billion) would prefer to live in Europe (Germany and the UK especially) because of our generous welfare state that would instantly put a roof over their heads and provide them with free money and everything they need to live a better life. If I was an African, I would want to jump aboard this gravy train also - it's human nature to want to better yourself and your position in life etc - but it means it will kill off our welfare state and create a more American society - which no European wants.

      Jeremy Corbyn recently said the Labour Party wants to help the 66 million refugees in the world. That's impossible. The current-day left care more for people outside Britain than those within. Globalism is all about dissolving and replacing societies with those willing to work harder for less.
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    3. javert
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    4. Nerak
      You want to believe that Sharia Law is taking over because it's a simple explanation for all the complex problems besetting modern life.

      I admit I'm an optimist, but I also have a lot of experience in politics & the arts & I've lived through enough scandals, backstabbing, power struggles & deathly dull policy meetings to know that we're not being outnumbered by religious fanatics.

      The comparison with anti-Irish racism & sectarianism is appropriate. There are 2 billion Catholics in the world, we have always vastly outnumbered Anglicans & Presbyterians. They crushed us because they thought we were constantly plotting to overthrow them & that we had far too many children etc.

      Politicians know that the entire world can't move to Europe & most of the world doesn't actually want to. Despite woolly rhetoric, they know that resources have their limits. Our welfare state is being killed by free market capitalism & it won't be saved by hating immigrants.
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    5. Anonymous
      There you are nairng...uh, karen...oh yeah, nerak. This mirror site isn't doing too well.
    6. reelfountain
      Free market capitalism brings in the migrants that they know will eventually make the welfare state impossible to exist. Globalists want a more dog-eat-dog American society where no services are free. Also when people see migrants moving into social housing etc this steers people's opinions away from supporting a welfare state. They know this also.

      You seem to deny that demographics matter, as if it's all somehow a myth - as if one group having more kids than another has no repercussions for the future. In Northern Ireland Catholics have more children than Protestants and this WILL make a difference to the future because Catholics may vote to get British power out of Northern Ireland and WIN the vote solely due to the amount of kids they've been having.

      I know we're not being outnumbered by religious fanatics at the moment, but I'm thinking ahead. White British people are dying off and not being replaced whereas Muslim families are thriving and growing in number. Our churches and pubs are closing down, their mosques are going up. You think everything is going to be all right (and I hope you are correct) but I can't understand what evidential basis this optimism stands on.
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    7. Nerak
      It stands on a deep knowledge of politics. It exists to persuade. There's no such thing as a demographic in which everyone wants the same thing.

      What would really change Northern Ireland's future is not being sectarian. It's fear & suspicion that drives them to vote on party lines, not the birthrate.
    8. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Cited by Official FB:
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    9. Nerak
      Is there some psychological reason why my username bothers you?
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    10. Nerak
      I hope he read & understood that letter properly, because even if it really was written by an ex-Muslim of Pakistani heritage, it's got a paragraph about white birthrates that is going to be hard to come back from without going into rehab or being sectioned.
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    11. reelfountain
      1 in 3 children in Britain are non-British. It's reasonable to presume that this number will rise to 2 in 3 within ten years. Perfectly reasonable.
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    12. Nerak
      It's not reasonable. It implies we have nothing in common purely because of skin colour or ethnic heritage. That's not value clashes with strict versions of Islam. That's white nationalism. If they think that's a defense, they're so incompetent they shouldn't be anywhere near politics.
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    13. Anonymous
      Which one?
    14. reelfountain
      You're steering away from facts and into ideology now. This always happens when leftists are confronted with an uncomfortable truth - they'll suddenly say: So what? We're all people aren't we?

      But the 'we are all people' angle only ever comes from left liberals. The rest of the world disagrees and understands that culture makes people different from one another.

      We would only ever 'be all the same' if we had no culture. And that is what globalism is trying to achieve - a bland consumer culture of blended ethnicities with no real solid identity.
    15. Nerak
      How do you think culture develops? Do you think ethnic groups rose up fully formed & would stay that way forever if evil globalists left them alone? Cultures have always mixed & have always been shaped by economics.

      It's depressing that an artist I love & always will, has become so disconnected from reality or so scared of difference that he's joined a fascist, racist party run by multicultural misfits. Only he could do something this ridiculous to his mind, his life & his career.

      And he doesn't seem to fully realise it, which makes it worse.
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    16. Nerak
      The only one I have & the one you keep mentioning.
    17. PuppetParrot
      Skinny, this new pseudonym is annoyingly patronizing. You have outdone yourself this time Skinny.
    18. PuppetParrot
      Skinny you are about to put the entire forum to sleep from boredom.
    19. Nerak
      I have no idea who Skinny is, so it's pointless accusing me of being him.
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    20. Anonymous

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