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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Oct 31, 2019.

By davidt on Oct 31, 2019 at 4:36 AM
  1. davidt

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Oct 31, 2019.

    1. Nerak
      That's gentrification. They've been priced out.
    2. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      the first paragraph was pretty good, after that? not so much :rolleyes:
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    3. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      That and mass immigration.
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    4. Nerak
      No. It's money. Us terrible non-English people have been rampaging through London for centuries.
    5. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      What's your nationality out of interest?
    6. Nerak
      Scottish. One side of the family are Irish. I grew up in Glasgow.
    7. reelfountain
      Prod or Taig?
    8. Nerak
      What a cheek. Prod & Taig actually. They mixed! I'm on the Catholic bit of the family tree.
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    9. reelfountain
      You need to get real on certain things. You strike me as slightly naive.

      50% of Britain's mosques are Salafi Wahabi Islam. Salafi Wahabiism is a dangerous sect that supports jihad and a caliphate. That's an uncomfortable fact that Liberals seem to find so disturbing they ignore it completely.

      But it's a fact and it's happening. Saudi Arabia are funding this change. This is why you see so many Islamist women completely covered up nowadays, whereas a couple of decades ago they were not.
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    10. reelfountain
      Only joking - I'm Catholic myself.
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    11. Nerak
      I'm not naive. I have to go out campaigning among all sorts of demographics. I can't ignore anything. Saudi does fund things but it's not some sinister takeover, it's your usual making friends & influencing people. Everyone is at it.

      The increase in traditional dress is more of a fad than anything else. Islam is a big, mostly negative, news story so people are doubling down defensively. You can see it with ridiculous converts like Yvonne Ridley.
    12. Nerak
      We're everywhere!!
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    13. reelfountain
      "All moderate Muslims are Uncle Toms" Sadiq Khan, Current London Mayor, 2009

      This is the mindset of all Salafi Wahabi Muslims, the exponentially growing sect of Islam funded by Saudi (a country Britain never criticises because of the sheer amount of money Britain's arms manufacturers make from selling them weapons).

      Sadiq Khan apologized for his comment in recent years, but we all know how genuine forced apologies to save your arse are. This is his real opinion and the opinion of most Pakistani Muslims in Britain today.

      Always read between the lines. For example, when people are asked their opinions on the street many people moderate them - never the other way round.

      You are way too confident in your belief that 'everything is alright'. Be critical, be sceptical.
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    14. Nerak
      Don't be daft. We all say hardline things occasionally. I'm not any more afraid of Islam than any other thing people get zealous about. I have plenty of Muslim colleagues & friends. They haven't tried to murder me yet.
    15. reelfountain
      That day may come.

      They're biding their time until they grow the numbers. Than the tables will turn and true colors will be proudly displayed.

      Ultimately they feel no affinity for British people whatsoever. They live by a different set of values. The next time they are in your company remember that deep down they have no respect for you or your infidel culture. The biggest insult to an Asian from another Asian is to be called (in their own tongue) a Britisher.

      They are supremacists in the bluntest sense of the word.

      Sadiq Khan let his liberal mask slip with his comment. When they grow the numbers homosexuals, for example, will find themselves being lynched - just like in good old Pakistan.

      You also say that the increase in Islamic dress in Britain is just a 'fad'. Is the racist targeting and paedo gang-raping of white girls by Muslims en masse also a fad?
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    16. Nerak
      That's paranoid racism. They're not some unified group plotting against us.

      Human rights abuses can happen anywhere. Rape & exploitation are universal crimes. Social attitudes & circumstances shape the form they take & changes can reduce offending. But the idea that it's exclusive to a particular group is grotesque.

      If people thought all Catholics were saying hateful things about Muslims & plotting to have them deported or whatever your plan is, I'd be mortified.
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    17. reelfountain
      Look at their family structures. They're extremely strong. Did you know that the vast majority of Pakistani Muslims in the UK are married to their first cousins - it's a Pakistani custom. It's a fact, and even the NHS has done drives in areas like Bradford to make Muslims aware of the unique genetic flaws and illness associated with this practice. It hasn't worked.

      Catholics, just like Protestants, atheists, blacks and all Westerners now have fractured and weak family structures. Muslims have the opposite. They are more united as a group than any other group in the UK.
    18. Nerak
      You'd be a lousy anthropologist.

      Medical issues are hardly unique. And the 'Western' lifestyle is fracturing everyone. That's why extremists of all types are increasing.

      My family is strong & I go to mass every Sunday. I would agree that tradition is healthy & stabilizing, but scapegoating other people with apocalyptic fantasies doesn't create community, it destroys it.
    19. reelfountain
      Your family may be strong, but it's time you looked around you. The Westernised family structure has in most cases fallen apart.

      My point is that in Muslim communities it is still strong. Their families are not fracturing, despite the alluring habits of the West all around them. They are thriving, marrying young to arranged spouses and having the amount of kids Westerners were having 150 years ago.

      For this very reason they are multiplying while us Brits are not even having enough kids for a replacement level. If that doesn't make you concerned, then I suggest that you are too optimistic a person and in life it will work at your detriment. Everyone needs to be slightly sceptical and suspicious of things sometimes.

      The way you instantly shrugged off Sadiq Khan's comment - "all moderate Muslims are Uncle Toms" - is indicative of this attitude. This is the same Muslim who now as London mayor champions the LGBT cause. Aren't you wondering why no Muslim has attacked or even been critical of him over this? It's because they know he is playing a long game. They want to strategically take all the top positions, play the liberal game, then when enough numbers are gathered, drop the liberal politics charade and install ultra-conservative politics i.e Sharia Law.

      The Left's love and accommodation of Islam is not going to end well - especially for gays. Surely anyone can see that.
      Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
    20. Nerak
      Gay people thinking the far right will protect them from religion isn't going to end well.

      You're using the classic 'they breed like rats' trope which was used about the Irish when the big demon was the Catholic church. Absolutely shameful if you really are Catholic.

      Value systems do clash & politics is an endless game of negotiation. Having a grand conspiracy theory about Sharia Law taking over Europe might help you manage life's uncertainty, but it's not realistic & it's deeply disgusting.

      There's a healthier way of thinking out there, Reel. You need to find it.
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