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13 November 1937

13 August 2020

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As if Ketamine Sun couldn't speak for herself/himself. After everything that has already happened here, she/he accepts me and I accept her/him in her/his unswerving belief in Morrissey. I don't need you to get on my case when I, as a non-mother speaker, use a word that was not meant in a disrespectful way.

"DARLING" WTF? are you Marlene Dietrich?
a "NON MOTHER SPEAKER"? FFS are you a Comrade
from the Ukraine too?

do you even understand Moz lyrics? FFS?
do you know what hunchbacks means? if so, do you agree
with the hate trolls that they are beautiful?:crazy:

worrying about an article from 1995 that he cant even understand
since its not in the 'mother speaker'o_O please quit trolling.

Well, it’s art and culture and people reflect on it as such. I’m not sure to what extent one is able to separate one’s records, concert experiences and art related relationships from one’s ‘own’ life.

Well, if there is awareness, then there is clarity, and in turn there is acknowledgment of one’s attachment and identification with
relationships imaginary or ‘real’.

So yes, a healthy separation and perspective is possible.

We constitute a system, and our subjective perspectives are expressions (as much as constituents) of that whole.

It’s conditioning.

And when someone falls into a trap of their ‘own’ making, it can be beneficial (and perhaps necessary) to notice the fatal flaw, and so acknowledge our own susceptibilities too.

Yes, of course. Awareness as I mentioned.

As an addition, I might question the point in celebrating Morrissey’s many achievements if the stumbles aren’t recognised too: What would be the point in numbering Motherwell 1995 amongst my greatest gigs ever, if I couldn’t recognise how crap Wembley Stadium was last year?

Yin/Yang, baby ! What goes up must come down, can’t have something without nothing, etc ...

Are you and @Verso friends now too?
And how does this criticism benefit you? And how does the criticism benefit Morrissey or anyone here?

Ah ok. So you are not showing disapproval of Morrissey’s actions, and choices, and you stand by and and show positive approval of every move he makes? Even I wouldn’t go that far.

Oh, so now we’re friends!

Like @Verso said "Deeps breaths. It’s going to be okay" (when Boz, Gaz n Spence join Alain & the man on stage in Vegas underneath a giant backdrop of Morrissey's beloved mother).
We have come full circle now. Good night and thank you.
"maybe not the above case"doh:
Yip, no doubt about it another Troll Comrade from the Ukraine.:ahhh:
without a box set but knows everything without being able to understand the language:censored:

Oh, the shrieks of die-hard fans when confronted with factual figures and quotes. Music to my ears.
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