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Mr.Improper PIMP that says fuck you

David t is the man...his site really rocks.

grims mom's on the corners suckin more cocks.

Everyone else knows Im the Pimp iof the nation and wish they could be....

But no matter how much they try...they cant imitate me

so leave me to rule and rule I will

f*** you all..... how cool is chill???

Wally the baboon is looking for nonny.

While aim on the corner PIMPIN his mommy

Grims just upset because his mothers a slapper.

open her legs and youll see a big snapper

LGDC looks good in a thong....

best part about being me is...i get to watch her in it all night long

The red wings rock...they're just too f***in good.

Once again they rule hockey,Like i knew that they would.

I hope this christmas was shitty for you

If your mom needs some dough,she can work for me too

So i leave you with this.......go f***yourselves.

Rain Man

Bloody Hell…. I was wrong, this poem IS the biggest load of bollocks I have ever read. Do you like, write them in a random fashion (ie just tap the keyboard with a banana protruding from your arse) then remove all rhymes, grammar and humour???

Judging by your other posts, you definitely have a unique talent for writing total shit. Well Done!!!!

Mr.Improper PIMP for the coalition to free saddam

Judging by your looks,you have a unique talent of sucking too much cock.


Proper . The Pooper Poundin'poet....

This guy is so in the closet,he has a closet in his closet!
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