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Last of the famous international screw ups.
I can’t believe this photo! Morrissey should leave this band!, he’s there on one knee, arms open wide showing that he’s proud and happy to be with his band and look at them ! Mocking him! yes mocking him! How dare they?! how abusive! talk about biting the hand that feeds you! jesus! I don’t know why Morrissey puts up with them, must be some kind of contract.

I’d like to see all the photos from the nude session, I’m sure the bands cracking up and having a laugh. It’s obvious Morrissey chose the photos with the band acting serious, or even asked them to be serious for some photos.
My take is that a lot of liquor was consumed at that photo shoot. Like, a lot.


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Famous when dead

I normally feel old mentioning the anniversary of Smiths' releases, but today marks 27 years since:

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Possibly time to go back to the home and spit up as Rickles might have said.


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