Omega Auctions: Geoff Travis items now listed - many amazing rarities up for grabs

Well, the grapevine was right.
Omega have some wonderful stuff from the Travis archive. (search Geoff Travis, 60 items)

Here's some goodies (more posted in the Geoff Travis Rough Trade archive media album):


THE SMITHS 1986 TOUR POSTER CELLULOID. An original celluloid used in the creation of the poster for The Smiths dates at Glasgow, Newcastle and Salford in July 1986. Measures 16 x 21.5". Provenance: from Geoff Travis' Rough Trade archive.


THE SMITHS BARCELONA POSTER. An original poster for The Smiths at Studio 54, Barcelona. Measures 16 x 24". NM condition. Provenance: from Geoff Travis' Rough Trade archive.


THE SMITHS HAND DRAWN WHAT DIFFERENCE POSTER. An original proof / mock up hand drawn poster design, likely created by the Rough Trade art dept to mock up the 'What Difference Does It Make' poster. Design is on the reverse of an original 'This Charming Man' poster (23 x 12") with a message in pen 'Return to Richard Boon' -the promotions manager at Rough Trade. Provenance: from Geoff Travis' Rough Trade archive.


THE SMITHS SHEILA TAKE A BOW PROOF ARTWORK. An original printed proof design, featuring a composite image / mock up of the 7" artwork for 'Sheila Take A Bow' - with four proposed colour schemes. Measures 25 x 15". VF / NM condition. Provenance: from Geoff Travis' Rough Trade archive.


THE SMITHS STRANGEWAYS HERE WE COME PROOF ARTWORK. Two printed pages, featuring blown up / enlarged proof designs for The Smiths - Strangeways Here We Come LP sleeve. Each page measures approx 20 x 30". Printed onto thin stock, likely created for annotations/feedback. Provenance: from Geoff Travis' Rough Trade archive.

This (want!):

THE SMITHS HATFUL OF HOLLOW SLEEVE DESIGN HAND DRAWN BY MORRISSEY. An incredible piece of Smiths memorabilia here. Two pages of paper, each bearing artwork by Morrissey for the sleeve designs for 'Hatful of Hollow'. Each page is approx 12 x 12". A sellotaped note to the reverse design is also by Morrissey. Provenance: from Geoff Travis' Rough Trade archive.

I could go on....
This is a collector's dream come true.
Proofs, (fully signed) autographs, shirts, oddities, posters of every kind (poster collectors have your wallets ready).
Simply incredible.
Please go check it out.
There are lots of music-related items currently on Omega - worth a search or two.

The above goodies appear to be accepting bids until June 30.

I don't think I can stress enough what an amazing opportunity this is - some brilliant, unique stuff on offer here.
Currently drooling,

(Thank you @davidt for collating the media gallery).
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Do we think Hatful design will take off?


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"Morrissey' favourites... Bradford'?


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joe frady

Vile Refusenik
What did Noel's slacks go for?



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..I thought some of the smiths stuff underwhelmed tbh, and some common stuff just went for stupid money. A Shoplifters poster £500?? The exact same price as that stunning set of 3 sheet proofs for the Strangeways Poster. The GIAC proof with pink titles and shelagh delaney hair cropped + video docs, went pretty cheap. The Hatful signed sleeve was wayyyy over the top. Glad to see the QID gold disc do well. £5k on the Moz artwork, no surprise there.


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And I was told from a “reliable source” that Morrissey is a has-been that no one cares about!


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Some baffling prices today...

I bet whoever bid 300 on that stop me doesn’t even know it’s a coloured vinyl, or has the foggiest idea what it is.

Must just hear “Geoff Travis”, “Archive”, “Sealed” - and think it summet special.

I was willing them to stop bidding, and the 4x Strangeways, a standard U.K. (with water damage), a standard US, a standard Dutch & Swedish.

A £50 bundle, all in for about £600 on omega. That is the definition of, “More money, than sense”


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