Olly Murs - 'You Are The Quarry' blew my mind (Nov. 2016 article)

The biggest surprise of the Albert Hall concert was surely X-Factor sensation Olly Murs tweeting from the venue with his parents. A little research reveals he's something of a fan...

The X-Factor star Olly Murs: My six best albums - Express.co.uk
OLLY MURS, 32, was runner-up on The X Factor in 2009 and had a string of No1 singles including Please Don’t Let Me Go and Heart Skips A Beat. His new album 24 HRS is out today and he starts a tour next March.

PUBLISHED: 00:01, Fri, Nov 11, 2016


"MORRISSEY: You Are The Quarry (Decca) My mum and dad are fans and for years I asked them to stop playing him. But when I got to about 17, I was more adventurous and this album blew my mind. At family parties, we play a few Morrissey songs and it brings us together. A great songwriter, a great voice – and I love his quiff."

Link posted by an anonymous person in the Royal Albert Hall post-show thread (original post):

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Don't Rake Up My Mistakes
Am I the only one who thinks Come back to Camden is actually a bit rubbish?
Dull plodding tune, crap synth strings.
And lyrics which are either Morrissey song cliches (I am alone for evermore, oh woe is me!) or just general cliches (taxi drivers who never stop talking - there's a thing!).
Really, the love for this song is just baffling.
THANK YOU! Even ignoring the fact that it precedes perhaps one of his greatest solo tracks in 'I'm Not Sorry', it's still awful for all the reasons you've said. I think even Lazy Dykes and How Can Anybody rank higher as far as Quarry songs go. I usually skip it.


Miss Oyti Toyti
I often wake up in the morning with Camden playing in my head on a loop, is that strange? It proves to me how Morrissey's voice and lyrics resonate with me far deeper than any other artist to the point it reaches me on a subconscious level.

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