Olly Murs - 'You Are The Quarry' blew my mind (Nov. 2016 article)

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    The biggest surprise of the Albert Hall concert was surely X-Factor sensation Olly Murs tweeting from the venue with his parents. A little research reveals he's something of a fan...

    The X-Factor star Olly Murs: My six best albums - Express.co.uk
    OLLY MURS, 32, was runner-up on The X Factor in 2009 and had a string of No1 singles including Please Don’t Let Me Go and Heart Skips A Beat. His new album 24 HRS is out today and he starts a tour next March.

    PUBLISHED: 00:01, Fri, Nov 11, 2016


    "MORRISSEY: You Are The Quarry (Decca) My mum and dad are fans and for years I asked them to stop playing him. But when I got to about 17, I was more adventurous and this album blew my mind. At family parties, we play a few Morrissey songs and it brings us together. A great songwriter, a great voice – and I love his quiff."

    Link posted by an anonymous person in the Royal Albert Hall post-show thread (original post):

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by Anonymous, Mar 9, 2018.

    1. Anonymous
      The final nail in Moz's coffin?
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    2. 001
      @ Olly Murs This track is aimed at you, you fucking moron!

    3. g23
      OH NO some jerkoff likes Morrissey! I'd better burn my fan club card!

      Oh wait... That's easily 1/3 of all people who like Morrissey.

      I think I'll keep it.

      For now.
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    4. evennow
      I have no idea who Olly Murs is, but I sure know who Morrissey is. YATQ was a revelation. A return of such epic proportion that it drew me in the first playing. Lines like:

      "And I will die with both of my hands untied" and "until you've seen the dawn rise behind the home for the blind" or "and a bullet in his gullet" and "There is something I wanted to tell you
      it's so funny you'll kill yourself laughing, but then I, I look around and I remember that I am alone, alone for evermore."

      Forget the quiff, he is so much more than a haircut, and given the state of music today style over lyrical content makes me want to puke. Don't take me to the Murs. Please!
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    5. Surface
      Not sure why people are dissing Olly Murs for liking Morrissey. The lad is actually very successful in the UK and has released 5 platinum selling albums.
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    6. Bluebirds
      He finished third on the X-factor. He is a Simon Cowell creation.
      He has never released a memorable song and his fanbase is/ was predominantly pre-teens and stay at home housewives.

      And the Kid isnt even a Looker

      In fairness he seems a nice enough cheeky crappie. Sorry chappy.
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    7. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      I left behind hating on people because their music isn't my bag a long time ago. Good on Murs I say.
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    8. 001
      Spice Girls and Take That sold records too!

      No, it's just more lock-jawed pop-stars
      Thicker than pig-shit
      Nothing to convey
      So scared to show intelligence
      It might smear their lovely career
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    9. Surface
      What’s any of that got to do with people dissing him because he likes Morrissey?
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    10. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Not only one of the great Morrissey albums, one of the great albums of the century so far.
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    11. Anonymous
      Gotta agree. It takes a lot of nerve to even get onstage even when it's X factor and I can respect that. He's a fan like anyone else and it's nice to see morrissey reaching young people still
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    12. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      I agree with this.

      Thinking about the NME thread the media weren't kind to it though with its better ratings being around three stars and it only scraping into a couple of top 50 albums of the year lists - strangely enough the NME were about the only sorts who did like it. My other favourite album of that year was Interpol's Antics which was just as routinely undervalued.
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    13. Stanley the 2nd
      Stanley the 2nd
      Good on Olly Murs I say. X factor is the antithesis of Morrissey but Murs comes across okay on The Voice. I mean Tom Jones is a judge so it can't be that bad surely????
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    14. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Come Back To Camden is his unheralded masterpiece in my opinion. The lyric, the performance, the music. It’s perfect. “And me and my heart, we knew, we just knew, forever more...”

      Still makes me a little emotional just hearing it. I spent a lot of time there in the eighties and nineties, lots of friends and a couple of girlfriends you lose touch with as the years go by, yet I hear that and I’m there on that chair on the pavement.

      “Come back to Camden /
      and I’ll be good.”

      If I could click my fingers now and go back I wouldn’t hesitate.
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    15. GenoWashingline
      Olly Murs is the Jim Morrison of our age.

      Like Mr Mojo Risin he is Mr U Solly.
    16. ACTON
      I'm gonna listen to Antics on spotify tonight to hear what it's like. Cheers for that.
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    17. g23
      Say whatever you want, but we all know you sing along with vigor anytime Wannabe comes on the radio. We all do. Spice up your life.
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    18. Stanley the 2nd
      Stanley the 2nd
      It's a shame Camden wasn't played live, perhaps it was but I don't recall hearing it during the quarry era. Lots of happy memories from a slightly down at heel Camden in the nineties. No doubt it's been yuppified now.
    19. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead

      Only twice IIRC, but not Quarry (2011).

      Olly's music does nothing for me, but if he's a fan - good for him. Some 'manufactured' artists have 'outed' themselves as fans with little hatred thereafter:


      I can't find any Marc Almond pictures at the RAH, although Linda Robson was there:

      (image: Tina Teaspoon).

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