Olivia Wilde rocking a Morrissey tee


Rumours about Olivia Wilde being pregnant, due to her being spotted in this Morrissey t-shirt in NYC.

The full story, if you like a bit of celeb gossip re Harry Styles, is here.

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Cool! I think she’s the great granddaughter (?) of Oscar Wilde. Morrissey was introduced to him by his mother, a librarian, around 1970, and has been a devoted fan (or whatever you call it) of Wilde ever since.


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harry is reading the bedtime story tonight on cbeebies,for anyone outside the uk cbeebies is the bbc channel for wee tots under about three years old,they get a celeb to read the bedtime story,tom hardy,kate middleton,you get the drift.harry must be getting some practice in.

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People are still wearing masks?


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It's the Morrissey shirt that has the quote "It takes strength to be gentle and kind". I have this one as well. Nice shirt and she does look a bit prego's.


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I learn so many amazing things here, I had no idea Harry is British.
I actually don't think Olivia is a Wilde, I think she changed her name, I remember reading that before.
Olivia hails from a storied SOCIALIST clan. They are unapologetically left wing. Her late uncle was contributor to The Nation. Her sister is a very close friend of mine. She's hot, but more than that, she's smart. Not as smart as me. But smart all the same.

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