Morrissey Central "OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN, RIP." & "LONG LIVE ‘LIVIA" (August 8, 2022)


Olivia's "Long Live Love" was sampled on Morrissey's 2020 'I Am Not A Dog On A Chain' album.

As per Book Of Condolence thread earlier.
Specifics re: sample used here.

Second Olivia post added thereafter:


A 1997 photo-session for Morrissey's upcoming 'Maladjusted' album took place at Olivia Newton-John's home in Los Angeles. Morrissey last saw Olivia on stage three years ago, and sampled parts of the above track for his song 'The Secret of Music' (released in 2020).

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Blimey !!!!

“ RIP Olivia, however and by the way did you know I sampled her on my album Dog on chains“

Go Stevey :crazy:

Benny 🇬🇧🔪
I had no idea they'd even met as I assume you have to meet someone to use their house for a photo shoot. Does anyone know how this came about or where these photos are from the shoot? She was certainly a bit part of my adolescence growing up.
"...Morrissey's upcoming 'Maladjusted' album ..."
the photos were being taken to be used or used on the album? back in 97. I thought the cover was a studio session, could be photos that were not used.
Original album - 2 images on grey background (Rankin, 1997).
Reissue - 4 street images (Pat Pope, 2009).
IIRC, Maladjusted was the only album to escape those God-awful 're-imagined' covers when the BMG reissues were mentioned?
Perhaps poor wording - who knows!?
such a beautiful woman,grease was such a phenomenon at the time if you lived through it,she was a great singer and had so many great songs.always been a fan and always will be.r.i.p. O N J.
God bless her, she seemed to be a wonderful human being.

If you don't care too much for her music, try this cover version of her 1975 track "Please Mr. Please" (from the album Have You Never Been Mellow), it's vastly superior to the original:

The music of the secret of the Secret of Music.
Grease is such a perfect right of passage movie that captures that point between childhood innocence and teenage kicks. Timeless and iconic. Even though most of the actors were getting on for 30.

She also campaigned against cruelty to animals - which will have endeared her to Morrissey, no doubt. RIP ONJ.

yes that put me through a loop
Do they mean BOT or ?
"A 1997 photo-session for Morrissey's upcoming 'Maladjusted' album took place at Olivia Newton-John's home in Los Angeles."
Maybe they should have inserted "then upcoming" to make it a little clearer to dimwits like you. :rolleyes:
Actually, the term 'unused' might have been more helpful - as said previously: poor choice of language and a fair confusion (and confused further by him continually using much older photography on 'newer' projects).
There's only Morrissey images on the initial 1997 release & Pope's 2009 images are King's Cross - not exactly Santa Barbara or LA.
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